Who Was Tyler From Selling The OC Married To

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Who Was Tyler From Selling The OC Married To

Who Was Tyler From Selling The OC Married To

Who Was Tyler From Selling The OC Married To – Reality television often brings together drama, friendships, and relationships that captivate audiences worldwide. One such series that has taken Netflix by storm is “Selling The OC.” Amidst the glitz and glamour of the real estate world, the personal lives of its stars have also taken center stage. In particular, the marital journey of Tyler Stanaland, one of the show’s prominent cast members, has been a topic of much intrigue and speculation. In this article, we delve into the story of who Tyler Stanaland, from “Selling The OC,” was married to, exploring their relationship, divorce, and subsequent developments.

The Marriage of Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland’s romantic life first gained attention when he tied the knot with actress Brittany Snow. The couple’s wedding was a moment of celebration for fans and well-wishers. Brittany Snow is a well-known actress, famous for her roles in films like “Pitch Perfect” and TV shows like “American Dreams.”

The couple’s journey towards marriage was a testament to their love and commitment to each other. Their relationship remained relatively private before they announced their engagement in February 2019. Tyler Stanaland popped the question during a romantic getaway in February, and Brittany Snow ecstatically shared the news on social media, showing off her beautiful engagement ring.

The couple continued to enjoy their time together, sharing glimpses of their love story on social media and attending various events hand in hand. It was evident that they were deeply in love and cherished each other’s company.

The Wedding and Early Years

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow’s wedding was a dreamy affair, and they exchanged vows in a picturesque outdoor ceremony in California in March 2020. The wedding was attended by close family and friends, and it seemed like a fairy tale come to life. The couple’s happiness was evident, and fans were overjoyed to see them start this new chapter in their lives.

As they embarked on their journey as husband and wife, they continued to be in the spotlight for their adorable moments together. Their social media posts were filled with love, showcasing their strong bond. It was clear that they were both supportive of each other’s careers and personal endeavors.

Trouble in Paradise

However, as time went on, rumors began to swirl about trouble in paradise. The couple had managed to keep their relationship largely private, but the strains of being in the public eye and maintaining a Hollywood career began to take a toll. In September 2022, Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow shocked their fans when they announced their separation after two years of marriage.

The news of their separation sent ripples throughout the entertainment industry, leaving many wondering what had gone wrong in their seemingly idyllic marriage. The reasons for their breakup were not immediately clear, but rumors began to circulate.

The Impact of “Selling The OC”

One major factor that played a role in their separation was Tyler Stanaland’s involvement in the Netflix reality show “Selling The OC.” Stanaland’s participation in the show had raised eyebrows from the beginning, with some questioning whether the flirtatious behavior with his co-star, Alex Hall, was appropriate. Many speculated that this on-screen chemistry might have contributed to the strain in his marriage.

According to a source cited by People magazine, Brittany Snow had reservations about Tyler’s involvement in the show. The source stated, “Brittany never wanted Tyler on the show but he was adamant. He wanted to make a name for himself on his own terms.” This difference in career goals and the added stress of being on a reality TV show seemed to have taken a toll on their marriage.

Another insider mentioned that Stanaland’s popularity among the female cast members of the show created further tension in their relationship. “All of the girls [on the show] are obsessed with him. He’s been trying to be really respectful but it’s taken a toll on his marriage 100 percent,” the source revealed.

The “Just Friends” Defense

In the midst of rumors and speculation, both Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall maintained that they were just friends. Despite being spotted getting close at a sushi restaurant in Corona Del Mar, CA, on the same day Tyler’s divorce was announced, they continued to deny any romantic involvement.

In an interview with Us Weekly in December 2022, Alex Hall addressed the dating rumors, saying, “It literally never crossed my mind until it became the headlines on every freaking news channel after the show aired.” She emphasized that during challenging times like a divorce, dating wasn’t a priority for her, and she and Tyler leaned on each other for friendship and support.

A Trip to Dubai and Ongoing Friendship

Despite the rumors and public scrutiny, Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall’s friendship endured. They traveled to Dubai together for the grand opening of Atlantis The Royal, where Beyoncé performed, in early 2023. Tyler Stanaland himself described Alex Hall as someone who had been influential and supportive during his challenging times. In an interview with E! News in August 2023, he stated, “Alex Hall and I are great. She has been somebody that’s been, you know really influential during this time and helped me out in a lot of ways and taken me to dinner when I needed it most. And she’s been a really good friend.”

Throughout the second season of “Selling The OC,” their relationship remained a hot topic, with other cast members openly questioning whether they were together. Despite their insistence that they were just friends, they spent a significant amount of time together. Tyler even visited Alex’s family members, further fueling speculation about their relationship status.

Season Two: The Turning Point

As “Selling The OC” season two unfolded, it began to provide some clarity on Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall’s relationship. In an interview with E! News, Tyler was asked whether viewers would see Alex as a hero or villain when the show returned with new episodes. He responded, “I mean, in my storyline she’s a hero. I think for the story as a whole that’s up to the audience to decide but she’s been really great to me.”

Throughout the season, their relationship remained a central theme. Other cast members openly questioned whether they were more than friends. Despite their insistence that they were not romantically involved, their closeness raised eyebrows. At one point, Tyler admitted to kissing fellow realtor Polly Brindle during the 2022 Christmas party, adding more complexity to the narrative.

A Confession in the Hot Tub

The pivotal moment in their relationship came during the season’s last episode. At Brindle’s birthday party, which took place in April, Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall found themselves alone in a hot tub. They engaged in a candid conversation about their friendship and feelings.

Tyler Stanaland confessed that Alex Hall had been there for him during his divorce, and he had started “thinking about” her in a romantic way. He admitted that they had always shared a “very flirty relationship” and expressed his feelings for her. Alex Hall, on her part, mentioned her quest to find a serious relationship, stating that she wasn’t “looking for something casual.”

They both acknowledged that their feelings were deepening, and they shared a kiss, leaving the audience with a cliffhanger ending to the season. The episode concluded with a sense of uncertainty about their relationship.

The Current Status

As of now, Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall have remained relatively tight-lipped about the status of their relationship. While they have not made any public declarations about dating, their actions on the show suggest a deepening romantic connection. It remains to be seen how their relationship evolves in the upcoming seasons of “Selling The OC.”


The journey of Tyler Stanaland’s romantic life, from his marriage to Brittany Snow to his friendship with Alex Hall, has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, intrigue, and speculation. The public’s fascination with the personal lives of reality TV stars often adds layers of complexity to their relationships, as was the case with Tyler and Brittany’s marriage.

While Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall continue to define the nature of their relationship, fans of “Selling The OC” eagerly await the next season to see how their story unfolds. In the ever-entertaining world of reality television, the line between reality and fiction is often blurred, leaving viewers intrigued and invested in the lives of their favorite stars.

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Are Tyler from Selling the OC and his wife still together?

No, Tyler Stanaland and his wife, Brittany Snow, are no longer together. They announced their divorce in September 2022.

Who is Tyler the Real OC’s wife?

Tyler Stanaland’s wife was actress Brittany Snow. They got married in March 2020 but filed for divorce in January 2023.

Why did Tyler from OC get divorced?

The main reason cited for Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow’s divorce was Tyler’s involvement in the reality TV show “Selling The OC.” According to sources, Brittany was uncomfortable with Tyler’s participation in the show, which contributed to the strain in their marriage.

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