Yamazaki Whisky Price Available in USA 2023 [ Updated List ]

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We’ll look at the “Yamazaki Whisky Price In USA” Today. This comprehensive guide will also inform you of: Yamazaki Whisky’s volumetric cost (750ml Price of Yamazaki Whisky). Let’s start with a round of applause.

Yamazaki and Japanese whisky go hand in hand. Literally. Yamazaki was Japan’s first commercial distillery, opening in 1923 but receiving little initial attention. What was the first whisky it made? Yamazaki.

In fact, if you ask any casual whisky drinker to name a Japanese whisky brand, they’ll be hard pressed to mention anything other than Yamazaki.

This magnificent brand laid the groundwork for the Japanese whisky revolution. Previously relegated to dedicated whisky fans looking to branch out from conventional Scottish whiskey, Japanese whisky is now a topic in its own right. And Yamazaki is unquestionably the best example of this.

Product Detail

Size750 mL
ProducerSuntory Whiskey
Alcohol Percentage43.0
Yamazaki Whisky Price Available in USA 2023 [ Updated List ]

Yamazaki Whisky price and bottle sizes

BottleSizePrice (USD)
Yamazaki 12 Year Old Whisky750ml$195
Suntory Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve750ml$283
Yamazaki 12 Year Old Pure Malt Final Version750ml$759
Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky750ml$1,276
Yamazaki Limited Edition 2017750ml$1,611
Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel750ml$3,378
Yamazaki Heavily Peated 2013750ml$3,114
Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016750ml$8,136
Yamazaki Mizunara 18 Years750ml$10,218
Yamazaki Mizunara 2014750ml$10,285
Yamazaki 25 Year Old750ml$17,368
Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky 1984750ml$30,996
Yamazaki Whisky Price Available in USA 2023 [ Updated List ]

Yamazaki Whisky Drinking Instructions

You’ll want to drink Yamazaki Whisky neat the first time you try it. Even if you’re not a whiskey drinker, the high quality of this spirit means you’ll get the most out of its flavor notes and distinctive nature by sipping it. In Japan, this is one of the two customary ways to consume whisky.

The other popular method is to consume it in a Whisky Highball (we’ve included our favorite recipe further down). However, these are not the only two methods to enjoy Yamazaki Whisky.

When it comes to whiskey and water, the temperature of the water is quite important in Japan. Yamazaki can be served on the rocks with icy pieces of ice, Mizuwari (with cool water), or Oyuwari (with heated water).

Each temperature of the water releases different parts of the spirit, so if you’re on a mission to completely comprehend what Yamazaki entails, you’ll want to try a bottle with water at each temperature — particularly on a day when you don’t have plans right after.

Japanese whiskey goes well with Japanese food, such as soy sauce-based meals to bring out Yamazaki’s sweetness or sushi to complement its strong fermented, fishy, and salty flavors.

There’s also a developing market for Yamazaki-based specialty cocktails, which a number of Tokyo’s best cocktail establishments are getting into.

The greatest Yamazaki Whisky cocktails to make

Yamazaki whiskey is expensive and of high quality, therefore you’ll rarely use it in cocktails. If you want to showcase the tastes in a cocktail, use modest mixes that stand back and let the spirit speak for itself.

Whisky Highball


  • Yamazaki 12 Year Old Whisky
  • Soda Water
  • Grapefruit twist for garnishing 

Cocktail recipes: The key to making a flawless Whisky Highball is not over-stirring it. Especially while you’re drinking Yamazaki whiskey. Fill a Highball glass halfway with ice and let aside to chill. Pour in your whisky and carefully swirl it in. Before serving, top with soda water, give a single stir from the bottom of the glass, and add a twist of grapefruit.

Tokyo Sidecar


  • 60 ml Yamazaki 12 Year Old Whisky
  • 23 ml Cointreau
  • 0.5 tsp Yuzu Juice

Cocktail recipes: The Tokyo Sidecar travels to Asia for a unique take on the classic cocktail. It’s produced by combining all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and filling it with ice. Then, before serving, shake and strain into a chilled Martini glass.

Local Old Fashioned


  • 60 ml Yamazaki 12 Year Old Whisky
  • 1/2 teaspoon granulated Sugar
  • Two dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Orange Twist for garnishing

Cocktail recipes: A Japanese whisky Old Fashioned is lighter and slightly sweeter than a Scottish whiskey Old Fashioned. To prepare a Local Old Fashioned, combine all of the ingredients in a mixing glass and muddle to dissolve the sugar. Stir once or twice, then add ice and stir once more. Then, strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with fresh ice and give it one more stir before garnishing and serving.

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As we wrap up this journey through the world of Yamazaki Whisky, we’ve explored its history, pricing intricacies, and cultural significance. Now, it’s your turn to savor the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Yamazaki Whisky invites you to discover the artistry in every sip.


  1. Is Yamazaki Whisky worth the price tag in the USA?
    • The value of Yamazaki Whisky goes beyond its price; it’s an investment in craftsmanship and heritage.
  2. Where can I find the best deals on Yamazaki Whisky in the USA?
    • Look for reputable liquor stores, online retailers, and auctions for potential discounts.
  3. Are limited edition Yamazaki bottles a good investment?
    • The rarity of limited editions often makes them a sought-after investment among collectors.
  4. How can I ensure the authenticity of a Yamazaki Whisky bottle?
    • Purchase from authorized dealers, check for proper labeling, and be cautious of unusually low prices.
  5. What are the upcoming trends in the world of premium whiskies, including Yamazaki?
    • Keep an eye on emerging distilleries, unique cask finishes, and sustainable practices influencing future trends.

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