365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

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365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast – “365 Days: This Day,” the sequel to the controversial Polish erotic thriller “365 Days,” continues the story of Laura and Massimo. Directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, the film is based on Blanka Lipińska’s trilogy and stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Rebecca Casiraghi, and Magdalena Lamparska. Released on Netflix in April 2022, it garnered significant attention for its explicit content and thematic controversies.

365 Days Movie in Hindi Vegamovies, Mp4moviez, Filmymeet Filmyzilla
365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

365 Days Movie Story Movierulz

The movie opens with Massimo and Laura’s wedding, where the couple appears to be deeply in love. However, their blissful life takes a dark turn when Laura loses her baby in an accident, leaving her emotionally scarred. With Massimo constantly occupied by his criminal empire, Laura feels increasingly isolated and bored. Their once-passionate relationship begins to fray, leading to frequent arguments.

One evening, at a party in Massimo’s opulent mansion, Laura discovers him having sex with his ex-girlfriend, Anna. Heartbroken and betrayed, Laura leaves the party in tears and encounters Nacho, Massimo’s ruggedly handsome gardener. A spontaneous connection ignites between them, and they decide to escape together, fleeing to an island paradise.

Meanwhile, Massimo realizes his mistake and begins searching for Laura, desperate to win her back. Unbeknownst to him, Laura starts to enjoy her newfound freedom on the island while fantasizing about a romantic encounter with Nacho.

As their relationship deepens, Nacho reveals a shocking secret—his father is the leader of a rival mafia gang, putting Laura’s life in danger. Laura is initially shocked and betrayed but agrees to accompany Nacho to meet his father. However, a sinister twist unfolds as Laura is kidnapped by Massimo’s estranged and unstable twin brother, Adriano, whom she had no prior knowledge of. It is revealed that it was Adriano, not Massimo, with whom Laura witnessed the sexual encounter with Anna.

Massimo and Nacho rush to save Laura, leading to a dramatic showdown between the two brothers. In a tense confrontation, Massimo and Nacho manage to rescue Laura, but not without casualties. Anna and Adriano, the instigators of the chaos, are shot and killed. The movie concludes with Nacho deciding to leave, leaving Laura’s fate uncertain as she lies in the arms of Massimo.

365 Days Movie Review Vegamovies

“365 Days: This Day” is a film that unabashedly revolves around the themes of sex and materialism. While these subjects can hold allure for some, the movie’s execution leaves much to be desired. Released on Netflix in 2022, it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, “365 Days,” but fails to offer any substantial improvement or meaningful storytelling.

Sex and Materialism: At its core, “365 Days: This Day” can be summarized as a movie about sex and shopping. It’s clear that the film aims to appeal to those who enjoy these themes, but it falls short in delivering an engaging narrative or meaningful exploration of its characters. The sexual content is explicit, frequently pushing the boundaries of eroticism, and the luxurious lifestyle on display is designed to be aspirational. However, the movie’s relentless focus on these aspects overshadows any attempt at storytelling or character development.

The film draws inevitable comparisons to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise, which similarly indulged in explicit content but offered a more complex exploration of power dynamics and relationships. In contrast, “365 Days: This Day” seems content to rely solely on surface-level allure, leaving its characters underdeveloped and their motivations unclear.

Character Dynamics: The protagonist, Laura, undergoes a dramatic transformation from an unwilling captive in the first film to a bored housewife in the sequel. This abrupt shift in her character’s arc lacks depth and believability. Similarly, Massimo, the Italian mafia kingpin, is reduced to a one-dimensional character who offers nothing more than his wealth and physical appearance. The introduction of Nacho as a love interest for Laura brings a new dynamic, but their relationship remains shallow, primarily driven by physical attraction.

Plot Inconsistencies: One of the film’s significant drawbacks is its lack of coherence in the plot. Storylines introduced in the first movie are haphazardly discarded or altered in the sequel, making it difficult for viewers to invest in the characters’ journeys. For instance, Laura’s near-death experience in a car crash is swiftly brushed aside, allowing the film to pivot towards new developments without addressing the consequences of previous events.

The movie introduces an array of convoluted elements, including coked-out identical twins, warring Mafia families, and an incompetent villain duo. These additions further muddle the narrative, resulting in a climax that is not only poorly executed but also confusing. It’s unclear what purpose the Mafia serves in the story, as they mostly engage in superficial activities like attending parties and maintaining their physical appearance.

Performances and Dialogue: “365 Days: This Day” is not a film celebrated for its performances. The cast struggles to deliver convincing portrayals of their characters, and the dialogue often feels stilted and unnatural. While it’s understandable that non-native English speakers may face challenges with dialogue delivery, it remains a distracting element throughout the movie.

The attempts at humor, particularly through the characters of Olga and Domenico, Laura and Massimo’s friends, fall flat and contribute to the overall sense of awkwardness in the film. Additionally, the music choices fail to elevate the viewing experience, with a bland R&B-infused soundtrack that does little to enhance the film’s atmosphere.

A Hollow Fantasy: Beneath the explicit scenes and glamorous settings, “365 Days: This Day” presents a troubling message. The film suggests that materialism and the pursuit of a lavish lifestyle are the ultimate goals, overshadowing any ethical or moral considerations. Massimo’s ability to provide Laura with luxury goods and experiences becomes the primary focus of their relationship, reducing him to a symbol of wealth rather than a complex character.

In many ways, the film portrays a conservative daydream, where marrying a rich man and enjoying a life of opulence are presented as the ultimate fulfillment for a woman. The constant emphasis on shopping montages, exotic vacations, and extravagant possessions reinforces this shallow perspective.

A Missed Opportunity: “365 Days: This Day” could have explored the complexities of power dynamics, relationships, and personal growth within the context of an erotic thriller. Unfortunately, it chooses to prioritize style over substance, resulting in a film that feels hollow and insincere.

In conclusion, “365 Days: This Day” falls short of its potential. While it may cater to a specific audience seeking erotic content and luxury fantasies, it lacks the depth and storytelling necessary to engage a broader viewership. The film’s fixation on explicit scenes and materialism overshadows any attempt at character development or meaningful exploration of its themes. As a result, “365 Days: This Day” is little more than a visually appealing but ultimately empty cinematic experience.

In a landscape where storytelling and character development hold the potential to elevate erotic thrillers, “365 Days: This Day” is a missed opportunity that fails to rise above its superficial allure.

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365 Days Movie Cast Mp4moviez

Anna-Maria SiekluckaLaura Torricelli
Michele MorroneMassimo / Adriano
Simone SusinnaNacho
Magdalena LamparskaOlga
Otar SaralidzeDomenico
Ewa KasprzykKlara
Dariusz JakubowskiTomasz
Ramón LangaDon Matos
Natasza UrbanskaAnna
Tomasz MandesTommaso
Blanka LipinskaElena
Natalia SiwiecEmi
Karolina PisarekAmelia
Robert WabichPriest
365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

365 Days Movie Crew Members Filmymeet

DirectorBarbara Bialowas

Tomasz Mandes
ProducerMaciej Kawulski

Ewa Lewandowska

Tomasz Mandes
WriterMojca Tirs

Blanka Lipinska

Tomasz Mandes

Blanka Lipinska
Music ByDominik Buczkowski

Patryk Kumór
Cinematography byBartek Cierlica
Film Editing ByMarcin Drewnowski
Production Design byJoanna Bialousz
Costume Design byPiotr Koncki
365 Days Movie Release Date, Netflix, Order, Full Story, Cast

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When did “365 Days” come out in 2022?

“365 Days: This Day” was released in 2022, specifically on April 27, 2022.

What is “365 Days” part 3 called?

The third installment of the “365 Days” series is titled “365 Days: This Day.”

Is there a new “365 Days” in August 2022?

Yes, there was a new release related to the “365 Days” series in August 2022. It was not a part four but a sequel titled “The Next 365 Days,” which was released on August 19, 2022.

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