Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

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Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch – In the summer of 2023, action movie enthusiasts were treated to an unexpected cinematic showdown when “Hidden Strike” hit the screens. Directed by Scott Waugh and penned by Arash Amel, this adrenaline-pumping thriller boasts an ensemble cast featuring none other than the iconic Jackie Chan, the wrestling-turned-acting sensation John Cena, Ma Chunrui, and Pilou Asbaek. Released in a staggered manner across different parts of the world, it premiered in the United Arab Emirates on July 6, 2023, and made its way to the United States and international audiences via Netflix on July 28, 2023. While the anticipation for a movie featuring both Jackie Chan and John Cena was undeniably high, the critical reception that followed its release was far from stellar. In this article, we delve into the heart of “Hidden Strike,” exploring its plot intricacies, the chemistry between its lead actors, and the factors that made it a polarizing experience for viewers and critics alike.

Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch
Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Story Filmywap

“Hidden Strike” takes us on a high-octane ride through the unforgiving deserts of Iraq, where the story revolves around an oil refinery operated by the Chinese firm Unicorp. The film’s opening scene sets the stage with an intense attack on this very refinery, orchestrated by a band of ruthless mercenaries led by Owen Paddock. As chaos unfolds, we are introduced to the enigmatic ex-special forces soldier “Dragon” Luo Feng, portrayed by none other than the legendary Jackie Chan. Luo Feng swiftly springs into action, leading his private security company in a daring mission to evacuate the civilian employees trapped in the refinery. Their journey to safety is fraught with danger as they navigate the treacherous Highway of Death, all while being pursued by merciless attackers.

Meanwhile, in a different corner of this volatile landscape, we meet former US Marine Chris Van Horne, played by John Cena, who reluctantly joins forces with his mercenary brother Henry. Their objective? To intercept the convoy and capture a man responsible for a past attack. With personal motivations driving their actions, the mercenaries conjure a massive sandstorm, employing it as cover for their assault on the convoy. The ensuing battle is a spectacle of chaos and combat, but the convoy manages to repel the attackers and clear the swirling sandstorm.

However, as the dust settles, Luo Feng discovers a shocking truth – five civilians, including the critical figure of Professor Chang, have been abducted. Professor Chang holds the authorization codes required to reactivate the besieged oil refinery, and her capture threatens to tip the balance of power. A rift emerges between the Van Horne brothers as Chris confronts Henry and Owen about the kidnapping. Owen’s sinister intentions come to light as he reveals his plan to restart the refinery and reap the profits of the oil trade. In a shocking turn of events, Owen eliminates Henry for his failure to eliminate Luo Feng, further escalating the tension.

Feng’s pursuit of Chris leads to a confrontation that unveils the true nature of Chris’s involvement in the mission. Behind his seemingly mercenary exterior lies a heartfelt desire to help the children of his rural village, driven by the urgent need to repair a vital well. This revelation changes the dynamics of the film, blurring the lines between hero and anti-hero.

As Owen coerces Professor Chang into cooperation, his henchmen scour the desert in search of her bag, containing the vital authorization codes. Unbeknownst to them, Chris had taken the bag earlier, and to protect his village, he reluctantly surrenders it. With the codes now in Owen’s possession, the stage is set for a climactic showdown at the oil refinery. Feng and Chris join forces to thwart Owen’s nefarious plans, leading to a high-stakes battle that culminates in an adrenaline-pumping car chase. In the midst of chaos, Owen meets his end.

With the dust finally settling on the arid plains of Iraq, justice is served, and the mastermind behind the oil heist is brought to justice. As Chris and Feng mend the well in his village, a new mission beckons, and they set their sights on new horizons.

Hidden Strike Movie Review Afilmywap

The heart of “Hidden Strike” lies in the unique pairing of two titans of the entertainment world: Jackie Chan and John Cena. The film’s lean plot primarily serves as a canvas for the action-packed spectacle that ensues. Chan’s portrayal of Luo Feng, a battle-hardened military veteran, is a testament to his enduring charisma and martial arts prowess. While the years may have taken a toll on his physical agility, Chan’s expertise in hand-to-hand combat shines through in the meticulously choreographed fight sequences. Notably, there is a sequence involving foam that showcases his enduring ability to deliver jaw-dropping action.

John Cena’s Chris Van Horne, on the other hand, brings a refreshing blend of muscle and humor to the film. Cena, known for his wrestling background and successful transition into acting, excels in roles that allow him to flex both his brawn and comedic timing. His ability to ad-lib and inject humor into tense moments provides a welcome respite from the relentless action sequences.

The pairing of Chan and Cena in “Hidden Strike” is a cinematic no-brainer. Chan’s trademark style of parkour-infused martial arts blends seamlessly with Cena’s powerhouse brawler approach. However, it’s their shared comedic sensibilities that truly make the duo a joy to watch on screen. In a genre where physics-defying stunts and logic-bending action sequences have become the norm, “Hidden Strike” embraces these conventions wholeheartedly.

Director Scott Waugh draws inspiration from the likes of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and this influence is evident throughout the film, from its gritty desert landscapes to its pulse-pounding soundtrack. Unfortunately, while the ambition to emulate the visual spectacle of “Mad Max” is admirable, “Hidden Strike” falls short in some areas. The green screen effects occasionally reveal their seams, and certain scenes suffer from less-than-seamless VFX work.

Nonetheless, “Hidden Strike” capitalizes on Chan and Cena’s star power to deliver an entertaining spectacle. While no one expects award-winning acting from either of these action legends, their on-screen chemistry is undeniably electric. Their banter and camaraderie inject life into the film, making it a fun and engaging watch. In a blockbuster driven by celebrity appeal, both stars prove their indispensability.

As the credits roll on “Hidden Strike,” it becomes evident that the film is poised for potential sequels, driven by the sheer drawing power of its lead actors. It may be a brain-dead yet amusing cinematic experience, but it effectively harnesses the abilities of Chan and Cena to entertain audiences on a grand scale.

Conclusion: “Hidden Strike” may not have earned critical acclaim, but it remains a testament to the enduring charisma and action prowess of Jackie Chan and John Cena. The film’s formulaic plot serves as a backdrop for a thrilling collision of legends, where comedy, combat, and chaos reign supreme. While it falls short in some technical aspects, it compensates with heart-pounding action sequences and the undeniable chemistry between its lead actors. As the world of cinema continues to evolve, “Hidden Strike” stands as a reminder that sometimes, all you need for a rollicking good time is a dynamic duo willing to go all out in the name of entertainment.

Hidden Strike Movie Cast Movieverse

Jackie ChanDragon Luo
John CenaChris
Chunrui MaMei
Wenli JiangProfessor Cheng
Jia XuShen Wei
Jun GongHai Ming
Rima ZeidanLi Yan (as Ruima Xidan)
Minghao HouAssistant Ning (as Neo Hou)
Pilou AsbækPaddock (as Pilou Asbaek)
Amadeus SerafiniHenry
Hany AdelCaptain Azir
Ernest ‘Sunny’ MansonMorgan / Herry’s Team (as Ernest Manson ‘Sunny’)
Tim ManKnox
Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Crew Members 9xmovies

DirectorScott Waugh
ProducerJwanwat Ahriyavraromp

Shenghua Bao

Nate Bolotin

Hans Canosa

Yiming Guan

Zhen Guo

Qunfei Huang

Chiu Wah Lee

Suifang Li

Xingjian Li

Haiwan Ni

Jiang Qiang

Yonggang Qiu

Esmond Ren

Nick Spicer

Joe Tam

Daqing Wang

Tiemin Wu

Zhanyu Xing

Dongliang Xu

Kecai Yan

Zhuang Yan

Dewei Zhang

Haitao Zhang

Jihong Zhang

Haicheng Zhao

Chenhongyao Zhu

Chonglie Zhu
WriterArash Amel
Music ByNathan Furst
Cinematography byTony Cheung

Xiaobin Li

Yuan Peng

Guoliang Ren
Film Editing ByScott Waugh
Production Design bySebastian T. Krawinkel
Costume Design byConnie Leung
Hidden Strike Movie Review, Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Trailer Filmy4wap

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Is Hidden Strike a good movie?

“Hidden Strike” received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. While it offers thrilling action sequences and the entertaining pairing of Jackie Chan and John Cena, some critics found fault with certain technical aspects, such as visual effects. Ultimately, whether you consider it a good movie may depend on your personal taste and your appreciation for action-packed blockbusters.

Is Hidden Strike movie out?

Yes, “Hidden Strike” was released in different regions at various times. It premiered in the United Arab Emirates on July 6, 2023, and was made available to audiences in the United States and internationally via Netflix on July 28, 2023.

Is Hidden Strike a Chinese movie?

“Hidden Strike” is not a Chinese movie in the sense that it is produced by a Chinese film industry. It is directed by Scott Waugh and features an international cast, including Jackie Chan, who is a Hong Kong actor. While the movie has elements set in China and involves a Chinese firm, it is not classified as a Chinese film but rather an international action-adventure movie.

What is the story of Hidden Strike movie?

The plot of “Hidden Strike” revolves around an oil refinery in Iraq owned by a Chinese company called Unicorp. The story begins with an attack on this refinery by mercenaries led by Owen Paddock. Jackie Chan plays the role of “Dragon” Luo Feng, an ex-special forces soldier who leads a private security company tasked with evacuating the civilian employees from the refinery to safety.

At the same time, John Cena portrays Chris Van Horne, a former US Marine who reluctantly joins his mercenary brother Henry in attacking the convoy evacuating the refinery. They claim to be on a mission to track down a man responsible for a past attack. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that the mercenaries have kidnapped five civilians, including Professor Chang, who possesses authorization codes crucial to the oil refinery.

The movie explores the conflicts and alliances that develop among the characters as they navigate the perilous desert landscape. Ultimately, the film climaxes in a high-stakes battle at the oil refinery, where the characters must confront their motivations and allegiances.

“Hidden Strike” combines intense action sequences, humor, and the chemistry between Chan and Cena to create an entertaining cinematic experience, despite receiving mixed critical reviews.

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