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charleston white

Charleston White Biography

Charleston White, who changed his mind, created a new identity for himself and has become an inspiration for people today. Charleston White was born in 1970 in the Lone Star state of America, better known as Texas.

Charleston white

Charleston White has made a different identity in the hearts of people with his comedy videos. White had a troubled past, at the age of 14, White was accused of the murder of Michael Levy, for which he was imprisoned for several years, a very bad time in his life.

Who is Charleston white?

White is a popular comedian, social media influencer, YouTube content creator, and founder of HYPE (Helping Young People). Charleston White keeps getting trolled on social media for speaking his truth.

White is now 53 years old, Charleston White keeps himself very fit, wears branded clothes, and lives a royal life.

Charleston White Age & Education

Charleston White is currently 53 years old and living his life with a smiling face.
Charleston White received his early education at a local school near his home in Texas City.

Charleston White Family, parents & siblings

Charleston White is survived by his wife, two children, mother, and father, Charleston lived with his aunt during his schooling. Charleston’s aunt had 5 children, all living in a joint family.

Charleston white wiki

Name Charleston white
Age 53 years
Height 5’8” feet
Weight 70 kg
Nickname baby blu
Marital status committed
CollegeTexas Wesleyan University
Children’s two kids
Birthplace Lone star star, Texas, U. S. A
Religion Christianity
Language English
Net worth 1.78 million dollars
Business mail id texasnegu@gmail.com
Present location Lone Star, Texas, U. S. A

Some Controversies of Charleston White

At the age of 14, Charleston White was arrested for the murder of Michael Levy. After which he had to stay in jail for 7 years.

Charleston white image

During that time people began to think of White as a murderer and were afraid of him. White speaks the bitter truth through his interviews and podcasts, due to which Charleston White is also trolled a lot on social media.

Charleston white career

Charleston White has a troubled past after serving 7 years in prison. After getting out of prison, Charleston White was sent back to prison for 6 months on charges of drug and other illegal activities.

This case was the turning point of his life, after which he never looked back in his life.
After serving prison, White graduated and completely changed his lifestyle due to funny and comedy videos, Charleston White created a new identity on social media, which was well-liked by the audience.

Charleston’s early life

Charleston White was passionate about singing from an early age. Dad is very busy with work and has to be away from home most of the time.

Charleston white early life photo

The name of Charleston White’s elder brother is K White. Charleston’s elder brother supported him a lot in Charleston’s difficult times. Charleston White was very good in their studies from the beginning, due to which his family considered him very good.

Charleston White Net worth

White earns a lot of money and increases his net worth through YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, interviews, podcasts, and live shows. Charleston White has a huge fan following across social media platforms and a lot of subscribers.

According to reports, his net worth is $1.78 million approx. According to the interview, Charleston White charged separately for advertisements including stories, pages, live performances, product promotions, conversation charges, etc.

Charleston White Social media

  • YouTube channel – @Therealcharlestonwhite2806
  • Instagram – @Official_charlestonwhite
  • Twitter-@charlestonwhi15/twitter
  • Linkedin link – https://www.linkedin.com/in/charleston-white
  • Facebook – @charlestonwhitees
Charleston white photo gallary

Facts about Charleston White

  • Charleston White was jailed for killing Michael Levy at age 14.
  • Charleston White is also known as Baby Blue.
  • He is a good human being who is an inspiration to the people.
  • Even after bad times, he did not give up and completely transformed himself into a good person.
  • Even at the age of 53, Charleston entertains people a lot with his videos.
  • Charleston White wears branded clothes and expensive shoes.
  • Charleston gets trolled for speaking the truth during live shows and interviews.
  • White is very conscious about his health and fitness
  • The Texas Youth Commission helped him a lot during his hard times in Charleston, which led to his release from prison.
  • Charleston is also a motivational speaker who inspires people a lot with his life incident.
  • Charleston White is a loyal and responsible person.
  • He has millions of followers on social media who like his videos very much.
  • His net worth in the year 2023 is US$ 1.78.
  • Charleston White is a multi-talented person.

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Who is Charleston white?

Charleston White is a popular comedian, social media influencer, YouTube content creator, and founder of HYPE (Helping Young People).

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