Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

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Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary – Cortnee Brooke Vine is making waves in the world of Australian football as a talented attacking forward. She not only represents the Australian national team but also plays a pivotal role for the W-League team, Sydney FC. In this article, we’ll delve into various aspects of her life, from her career highlights and personal information to her achievements on and off the field.

Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

Cortnee Vine Physical Stats

Cortnee Vine stands at approximately 167 cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet 6 inches. Her stature, combined with her agility and speed, makes her a formidable presence on the field. While her height may not be her defining feature, her talent and determination certainly are.

Cortnee Vine Personal Life

Off the field, Cortnee Vine’s personal life has garnered some attention as well. According to multiple reports and sources, she is reportedly in a relationship with fellow Sydney FC footballer, Charlotte Mclean. Mclean is a defender who also plays for Sydney FC in the W-League and is pursuing a degree in Economics and Industrial Relations at Sydney University.

Cortnee Vine Earnings and Net Worth

As of 2023, Cortnee Vine earns an impressive annual salary of around $1 million. This substantial income includes earnings from her club contract, contributions from her national team duties, lucrative brand endorsement deals, and other sources. It’s estimated that her net worth has reached around $5 million, a testament to her talent and marketability.

NameCortnee Vine
Age32 years old in 2023
Date Of Birth9 April 1998
ProfessionFootball Player
BirthplaceVictoria, Australia

Cortnee Vine Early Days and Career Beginnings

Cortnee Vine was born on April 9, 1998, in Victoria, Australia, which makes her 25 years old at the moment. She initially started her football journey as a full-back but has since transitioned into a winger, excelling on both flanks. Her ability to dribble skillfully and change direction rapidly makes her a formidable opponent for any defender.

Rising to Fame: Cortnee Football Career

Cortnee Vine had her breakthrough moment in 2015 when she made her debut for the Brisbane Roar against the Western Sydney Wanderers. This marked the beginning of her professional football journey, and she has come a long way since then. Cortnee is renowned for her exceptional speed, dribbling prowess, and the ability to take on defenders one-on-one.

One of the defining moments of her career came in August 2023 during a thrilling match against France. In a nail-biting 7-6 shootout victory, Cortnee Vine stepped up to convert a crucial penalty kick, propelling Australia into the semifinals of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her composure under pressure and knack for controlling possession during games have solidified her position as a key player on the national team.

Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

Cortnee Impact on the Team

In terms of her professional career, Cortnee Vine currently plays as a winger for the W-League club Sydney FC. Her role as a winger means she excels in delivering accurate crosses and possesses the speed to outpace defenders. Her contributions on the field are not only recognized by fans but also reflected in her salary.

Staying Put: Cortnee Commitment to Sydney FC

Despite offers from European clubs, Cortnee Vine has chosen to remain loyal to Sydney FC. She recently accepted a one-year contract on marquee player terms, securing her place with the A-League Women’s champions. This decision was not taken lightly, as her impressive domestic accomplishments had made her a potential target for European teams before the tournament.

Cortnee Role in Sydney FC’s Success

Cortnee Vine has been instrumental in Sydney FC’s recent successes under the coaching of Ante Juric. Her contributions have helped the team secure a grand final victory and finish at the top of the league for three consecutive seasons. Her presence on the field has not only elevated her team’s performance but has also attracted a growing female fanbase.

Staying Down Under: Cortnee’s Continued Presence

Despite the lure of European football, Cortnee Vine has opted to stay in Australia for the next 12 months. Her decision follows her standout performance in the Matildas’ penalty shootout success, which garnered significant attention and acclaim. Sydney FC believes that her continued participation will drive an increase in female membership, potentially reaching a historic four-figure mark for the first time in the club’s history.

A Moment of Glory: Cortnee Vine’s Penalty

Cortnee Vine’s penalty kick that secured Australia’s advancement to the Women’s World Cup semifinal against England was nothing short of extraordinary. The significance of her moment was not lost on football fans, with comparisons being drawn to the legendary John Aloisi’s penalty in 2006, which sent Australia to the World Cup.

In the eyes of many, Cortnee Vine’s penalty has cemented her status as a rising star in Australian sporting history. It’s a moment that will be remembered for years to come and a testament to her skill, nerve, and dedication to the sport.

Cortnee Vine Social Media Accounts

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In conclusion, Cortnee Vine’s journey from a talented young player to a key figure on the international stage is a story of determination and success. Her rise in Australian football is marked by memorable moments, both on and off the field. As she continues to make her mark with Sydney FC and the Australian national team, her future in the sport looks incredibly promising. Cortnee Vine is not just a footballer; she’s a symbol of passion, talent, and the indomitable spirit of Australian sports.

Cortnee Vine Wikipedia, Partner, School, Stats, Age, Speed, Parents, Position, Injury, Salary

How many games has Cortnee Vine played?

Cortnee Vine has played quite a few games in her career. After she made her debut for the senior Australian women’s national team back in 2022 during the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, she became a regular member of the team. So far, she has played in 16 international matches for Australia. Her talent was well-known in the A-League Women’s competition, where she started playing in 2015 at just 15 years old.

Who is the youngest Matilda?

The youngest Matilda, which is what the Australian women’s national football team is often called, is Mary Fowler. Despite her young age, Mary Fowler made a significant impact during the 2023 World Cup. Her outstanding performance earned her a special place in the hearts of Australian soccer fans.

When did Vine become super popular?

Cortnee Vine became very popular quite quickly. Vine started gaining attention not long after their founding in 2013. Their popularity continued to grow steadily over the years. In 2014, their fame reached its peak, and they became known for creating numerous internet memes and even helping some people become internet celebrities.

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