Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

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Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget – Turkish cinema has been gaining recognition worldwide, especially in the horror genre. “Dabbe: The Possession,” directed and written by Hasan Karacadağ, is a significant addition to the Turkish horror film industry. Released in 2013, it is the fourth installment in the Dabbe series and has garnered attention for its chilling storyline, unique approach to found-footage, and exploration of Islamic esoteric spirituality. In this article, we’ll delve into the plot, characters, and the film’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

Dabbe The Possession Movie Story Filmyzilla

“Dabbe: The Possession” revolves around the life of Kübra, a woman who becomes possessed by a malevolent djinn right before her wedding. The possession takes a horrifying turn when she fatally stabs her husband-to-be in front of her entire family. Ebru, a psychiatrist and Kübra’s childhood friend, decides to investigate the case. Her motives are twofold: to observe Kübra and record the actions of alleged djinn exorcists to either prove or debunk the existence of djinns.

Ebru teams up with Faruk, a seasoned djinn exorcist, and the duo embarks on a journey to Kübra’s village, Kıbledere. Their investigation takes an eerie turn as they encounter a cursed tree at the village entrance and hear unsettling stories from the village’s past. They also discover a mysterious code, “7175,” etched into the tree, deepening the mystery.

Despite witnessing bizarre events and Faruk’s exorcism attempts on Kübra, Ebru remains skeptical about the existence of curses and djinns. However, things escalate when Faruk finds black magic tools hidden beneath a toilet outside Kübra’s house. Faruk introduces Ebru to the concept of “Dabbe,” an apocalypse mentioned in the Quran that will envelop the world like a web. He interprets this as a reference to the internet, the World Wide Web, where dangerous black magic spells can be accessed with a single click.

The film unfolds with Faruk’s efforts to exorcise the djinn Sare from Kübra’s body, leading to a violent confrontation. Initially, it appears that Kübra is cured, but a shocking turn of events reveals that the djinn’s influence is far from over.

The Unraveling Mystery: As the story progresses, Faruk and Ebru’s quest for answers intensifies. They meet İlyas, a man living in an abandoned village who claims to possess knowledge about Sare. İlyas unravels a haunting tale of greed and curses, revealing that Kübra and Ebru’s father, driven by avarice, sought the aid of djinns to find hidden treasures. However, their actions led to the death of a djinn and a vengeful curse that plagued Kübra.

The plot thickens when İlyas discloses that his wife is not human but a djinn, and they have a child together. Fearful of Sare’s clan, he implores Faruk and Ebru to leave immediately. They learn that the only way to lift the curse is to unearth Sare’s body from beneath the cursed tree and reinter it in a peaceful location.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Faruk and Ebru embark on this daunting task, hoping to save Kübra and put an end to the curse that haunts her family. However, what they discover on their journey is far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

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“Dabbe: The Possession” offers a compelling and spine-tingling cinematic experience. While it may not reach the heights of some other Turkish horror films like “Baskin,” it firmly establishes Turkey as a noteworthy hub for the horror genre. The movie combines elements of found-footage with a gripping narrative, making it a memorable addition to the genre.

One of the film’s drawbacks is its reliance on the found-footage style. While this format can enhance the feeling of realism, it also introduces the drawbacks often associated with this style. Shaky camera work during critical moments can be distracting, preventing viewers from fully appreciating the on-screen horrors. Additionally, the use of visual effects during spooky scenes can break the immersion, making it harder for the audience to stay engaged.

Furthermore, the skepticism displayed by Ebru, despite witnessing numerous supernatural occurrences, may strike some viewers as unrealistic. While a skeptical character can add depth to a story, there comes a point where disbelief becomes implausible. Ebru’s refusal to acknowledge the mounting evidence may leave audiences frustrated.

However, “Dabbe: The Possession” excels in several areas that make it a worthwhile watch. The film’s acting, dialogue, and attention to detail elevate it above many other found-footage films. It wisely utilizes its settings, creating an immersive atmosphere that adds to the overall sense of dread. The incorporation of esoteric Muslim spirituality and references to Islamic beliefs sets the film apart and adds layers of complexity to the narrative.

Despite a runtime of over two hours, the film manages to maintain a sense of intrigue throughout. The plot unfolds gradually, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they uncover the mysteries of Kübra’s possession and the curse plaguing her family. The film’s ability to blend the supernatural with human greed and ambition adds depth to the story and keeps audiences engaged.

In conclusion, “Dabbe: The Possession” may have its flaws, particularly in its use of the found-footage style and the skepticism of its lead character. However, it compensates for these shortcomings with a captivating narrative, strong performances, and a unique exploration of Islamic spirituality. For those looking to delve into Turkish horror cinema, this film is a must-watch. Its ability to maintain tension and deliver a chilling experience makes it a valuable addition to the horror genre. As the credits reveal that the film is based on a true story, it leaves viewers with a lingering sense of unease, reminding us that sometimes reality can be even more horrifying than fiction.

Conclusion: “Dabbe: The Possession” stands as a testament to the growing influence of Turkish horror in the global film industry. With its intricate storyline, well-executed characters, and a blend of supernatural and psychological horror, it provides a captivating cinematic experience. While it faces some challenges related to its found-footage style and character skepticism, these issues are outweighed by its strengths. If you’re a fan of horror films that explore the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural, “Dabbe: The Possession” is a movie that deserves a place on your watchlist. It keeps you engaged from start to finish and leaves you with a lingering sense of dread, making it a memorable addition to the world of horror cinema.

Dabbe The Possession Movie Cast MP4moviez

Elçin Atamgüç
Orhan GencerGürkan
Sultan Köroglu Kiliç
Oguzhan KocakliAli
Cansu KurgunKübra
Irmak ÖrnekEbru
A. Murat ÖzgenFaruk Akat
Anil ÖzkanKöy
Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

Dabbe The Possession Movie Crew Members Youtube

DirectorHasan Karacadag
ProducerHasan Karacadag

Emir can Yurtlak
WriterHasan Karacadag
Music By
Cinematography byHalil Ibrahim Çekiç
Film Editing ByAytekin Birkon
Production Design byAysegul Ciftci
Costume Design by
Dabbe The Possession Full Movie Review, Cast, Summary, Budget

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Is “Dabbe: The Possession” a Real Movie?

Yes, “Dabbe: The Possession” is indeed a real movie. It’s a Turkish horror film directed and written by Hasan Karacadağ, released in 2013. It’s part of the Dabbe film series, which has gained recognition in the horror genre.

How Scary is the Movie “Possession”?

The level of scariness in “Dabbe: The Possession” can vary from person to person. It’s known for its suspenseful and eerie atmosphere, along with supernatural elements and unsettling scenes. If you’re a fan of horror films, especially those involving possession and paranormal events, you’re likely to find it quite scary. However, individual reactions to horror movies can differ, so what’s terrifying for one person may not be as frightening for another.

Which Dabbe Movie is Scarier?

The perception of which Dabbe movie is scarier is subjective and can vary among viewers. Each installment in the Dabbe series explores different aspects of horror, and what one person finds scarier might not be the same for someone else. “Dabbe: The Possession” is known for its chilling storyline, but opinions on the scariest Dabbe film can differ widely.

Is “The Possession” Movie Worth Watching?

The movie “Dabbe: The Possession” is worth watching if you enjoy horror films with supernatural themes and a blend of suspense and mystery. It offers a unique perspective on possession and incorporates elements of Islamic esoteric spirituality into its narrative. While it has its drawbacks, such as the found-footage style and a skeptical character, it compensates with strong performances and a captivating plot. If you’re a fan of horror cinema and are interested in exploring Turkish horror, this movie is worth giving a try. Ultimately, whether it’s worth watching depends on your personal preferences and taste in horror films.

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