Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram

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Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram

Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram

Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram – At the end of 2021, the popular Australian radio station, triple j, is saying goodbye to three of its presenters. These presenters have played a significant role in the station, and their departures mark a new chapter for triple j.

Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram

Avani Dias

Avani Dias, who hosted the show “Hack,” will be taking on a new role as the ABC’s South Asia correspondent in New Delhi, India. In her two years as the host of “Hack,” Avani has been on top of important news during the global pandemic. She has also led investigations into topics like Tinder and TikTok. Her excellent work has earned her five Walkley nominations, including one for Public Service Journalism in 2021. Avani expressed her gratitude to her colleagues, friends, and listeners for their support during her time at triple j.

Dave Marchese

Dave Marchese will step into Avani’s shoes as the new host of “Hack” in 2022. He is already known to triple j listeners for his work dissecting breaking news on the “triple J Breakfast” show. Dave looks forward to joining the “Hack” team and diving deeper into important issues. He appreciates Avani’s legacy of impactful storytelling and investigations, and he’s excited to continue her work.

Nat Tencic

After hosting the show “The Hook Up” for four years, Nat Tencic is leaving her hosting role to focus on creating educational resources about consent and exploring other podcasting opportunities. During her time as host, Nat tackled taboo subjects, helped listeners navigate relationships and sexuality, and provided a platform for open and honest discussions about sex. She expressed her pride in bringing these topics to her audience and wished the next host success in continuing this important work.

Dee Salmin

In 2022, Dee Salmin will become the new host of “The Hook Up.” Dee is from Perth and has a background in performing arts. She has experience producing and presenting her own podcast and meme page, “The No Chill Girl.” Dee has been working on “The Hook Up” for the past 18 months and is excited to take on the role of host. She plans to continue addressing important issues related to relationships and dating while sharing engaging and relatable stories with her listeners.

Tim Shiel

After hosting “Something More” for eight years, Tim Shiel’s show will come to an end at the close of the year. Tim has been a guide to the future of music, introducing listeners to fresh pop and electronic sounds. He expressed his pride in supporting unconventional artists and hopes that his work has helped them feel supported and recognized. Although “Something More” is ending, Tim will continue to share his passion for music on “Double J Arvos.”

Shantan Wantan Ichiban

Friday nights in 2022 will feature a new edition of triple j’s “House Party” hosted by Shantan Wantan Ichiban. Shantan, known as a DJ king, has been hosting “The Kick On” and will now bring his energy to kickstart your weekend with great music and banter. He’s excited to be the one who sets the party mood as you warm up for your two days of relaxation.

Dee Salmin Age, Wikipedia, Triple J, Instagram

In summary, triple j is going through some changes at the end of 2021, with presenters like Avani Dias, Dave Marchese, Nat Tencic, Dee Salmin, Tim Shiel, and Shantan Wantan Ichiban moving on to new roles and opportunities. Each of them has made a significant contribution to the station and will be remembered for their dedication and work. Triple j listeners can look forward to fresh voices and exciting content in the coming year.

Who will replace Avani Dias as the host of “Hack” in 2022?

Dave Marchese will take over as the host of “Hack” in 2022. He is already known to triple j listeners for his work on “triple J Breakfast.”

What are Dave Marchese’s thoughts on joining the “Hack” team?

Dave is excited about the opportunity to delve deeper into significant issues as part of the “Hack” team. He appreciates the legacy left by Avani Dias and looks forward to continuing her impactful storytelling and investigations.

Why is Nat Tencic stepping down from hosting “The Hook Up”?

Nat Tencic is leaving her role as host of “The Hook Up” to work on creating educational resources about consent and explore other podcasting opportunities.

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