His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending

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His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending

His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending

His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending – “His House” is a 2020 horror thriller film that delves deep into the harrowing experiences of a refugee couple who escape war-torn South Sudan, only to confront a sinister presence in their new life in an English town. Written and directed by Remi Weekes, the film stars Wunmi Mosaku as Rial and Sope Dirisu as Bol, with Matt Smith in the role of their case worker, Mark. The narrative unfolds as Bol and Rial, alongside their daughter Nyagak, embark on a perilous journey across the treacherous waters of the English Channel, seeking asylum in the UK. While they eventually secure probational asylum, they are assigned a dilapidated house on the outskirts of London and subjected to strict restrictions, threatening deportation. As they grapple with racism and hostility from their neighbors, they also discover that their new home harbors malevolent forces. Rial believes it to be an “apeth” or “night witch” from her village, and she believes they must repay a debt to the entity to save their daughter. The story takes a haunting turn as Bol’s efforts to confront the entity lead to unforeseen consequences, testing the couple’s love and resilience.

His House Movie Story Isaidub

“His House” opens with Bol Majur (Sope Dirisu) awakening from a nightmare, cradled by his wife Rial (Wunmi Mosaku). Their lives are haunted by shared trauma, as they are refugees from South Sudan who survived a perilous boat journey but lost their daughter, Nyagak, during the crossing. After a period of detention, they are granted probational asylum in an English city, receiving a shabby and deteriorating house as their new home. This house is emblematic of the government’s indifference to their plight.

Their case worker, Mark (Matt Smith), exemplifies a sense of entitlement that underscores the systemic racism and microaggressions the couple faces. He repeatedly urges them to assimilate quickly and become “one of the good ones.” The phrase “one of the good ones” serves as a reminder of the discrimination they encounter but is ultimately relegated to the background as the supernatural elements take center stage.

Rial and Bol’s experiences with racism and cultural disconnection are subtly depicted. Rial, for instance, is met with hostility when she asks for help from some Black British teens, who tell her to “go back to Africa.” Bol, in his quest for acceptance, even tries to emulate Western culture by changing his appearance and behavior.

The supernatural occurrences in the house, characterized by strange phenomena and visions, intensify. Rial identifies the malevolent entity as an “apeth” or “night witch” from her village. She believes that repaying a debt to this entity will bring their daughter Nyagak back to them. However, the nature of this “debt” remains unclear.

Desperation sets in as Bol tears apart the house, attempting to confront the apeth. This puts their chances of staying in the UK in jeopardy. In a moment of recklessness, Bol summons the apeth on his own, leading to dire consequences. The apeth accuses Bol of being a thief and offers a grim deal: Bol’s life in exchange for Nyagak’s. Bol refuses, resulting in his descent into catatonia.

Rial escapes the house, finding herself inexplicably back in South Sudan, reunited with friends who were victims of a gruesome massacre. Bol eventually finds her, and they flee as violence engulfs the region. In a desperate bid to board a bus, Bol claims a child, falsely stating that she is their daughter. This decision leaves Nyagak’s real mother behind as gunfire erupts. Tragically, Nyagak and others fall overboard during a perilous sea crossing, beyond Bol and Rial’s reach.

Accepting the gravity of their actions, Bol decides to repay the debt to the apeth and reveals this to Rial. He allows the apeth to enter his body, and Nyagak briefly returns to Rial. Faced with an excruciating choice, Rial opts to save Bol, slitting the apeth’s throat.

Mark later inspects the repaired house, and Bol and Rial inform him that they have chosen to stay. They claim that Rial vanquished the witch that haunted them, with Mark finding this amusing. Bol states that they have decided to live with the ghosts of their past from South Sudan, including Nyagak.

His House Movie Review MP4moviez

“His House” is a compelling and thought-provoking horror thriller that masterfully intertwines the supernatural with the very real horrors of displacement, cultural alienation, and racism. Remi Weekes, in his directorial debut, crafts a haunting narrative that transcends the typical horror genre to explore the psychological and emotional trauma of refugees.

At the heart of the film is the tumultuous marriage of Bol and Rial, brilliantly portrayed by Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku. Their performances are nuanced and emotionally charged, allowing the audience to empathize with the couple’s struggle to reconcile their past and adapt to an unwelcoming new environment.

The film’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the supernatural elements with the couple’s traumatic experiences. The malevolent entity, the apeth, becomes a metaphor for the relentless torment that refugees face as they seek safety and acceptance. Weekes doesn’t shy away from showcasing the couple’s cultural clashes and the racism they encounter, making “His House” a deeply relevant and socially conscious horror film.

The special effects and sound design deserve praise for creating an atmosphere that is genuinely unsettling. While there are expected jump scares, the film’s intensity transcends mere shock value. The metaphorical and visceral imagery, including visions of zombie-like creatures and the sea witch, immerse the audience in a nightmarish world. The sound design effectively enhances the suspense, making the haunted house truly come alive.

One of the film’s notable accomplishments is its subversion of genre expectations. Instead of downplaying or denying the supernatural, Rial matter-of-factly acknowledges the presence of the witch in their house when confronted by their case worker, Mark. This departure from typical horror tropes adds depth to the narrative and emphasizes the couple’s resilience in the face of both real and supernatural threats.

The film’s most compelling aspect is its unexpected twist, where reality becomes more disturbing than the supernatural. This turn challenges the audience’s perception of the characters and their actions, forcing us to confront our own desire for retribution and our limited understanding of the complex choices refugees make for survival and love.

In the end, “His House” leaves us with a haunting realization that trauma will always occupy a room in the houses our psyches build. To ignore its presence only intensifies its impact. The film serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by refugees, inviting viewers to empathize with their plight and question the societal norms that perpetuate their suffering.

“His House” is a genre-defying masterpiece that explores the horrors of displacement and the resilience of the human spirit. It stands as a testament to the power of horror cinema to delve into profound social issues while delivering a chilling and emotionally resonant narrative.

Now playing on Netflix, “His House” is a must-watch for those seeking a horror film that goes beyond scares to provoke deep reflection on the human experience.

His House Movie Cast Filmy4wap

Sope DirisuBol Majur (as Sopé Dìrísù)
Wunmi MosakuRial Majur
Malaika Wakoli-AbigabaNyagak
Matt SmithMark Essworth
Javier BotetThe Witch
Yvonne CampbellSouth Sudanese Woman
Vivienne SoanNeighbour
Lola MayNyagak’s Mother
Kevin LayneThe Cameroonian
Maureen CaseyDetention Custody Officer
Homer TodiwalaIraqi Man
His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending

His House Movie Crew Members Kuttymovies

DirectorRemi Weekes
ProducerAlden Dalia

Aidan Elliott

Martin Gentles

Mark Huffam

Ed King

Roy Lee

Natalie Lehmann

Stuart Manashil

Arnon Milchan

Yariv Milchan

Michael Schaefer

Steven Schneider

Eva Yates
WriterRemi Weekes

Felicity Evans

Toby Venables
Music ByRoque Baños
Cinematography byJo Willems
Film Editing ByJulia Bloch
Production Design byJacqueline Abrahams
Costume Design byHolly Rebecca
His House Movie Explained, Review, Cast, Rating, Ending

His House Movie Trailer Isaimini

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How scary is His House movie?

“His House” is a horror movie that blends psychological and supernatural elements. It can be quite scary, with eerie visuals, unsettling suspense, and moments that may startle viewers. The film’s ability to create a sense of dread and discomfort contributes to its overall scariness.

Is His House worth watching?

Yes, “His House” is worth watching, especially if you enjoy horror films that explore deeper themes. It offers a unique blend of horror and social commentary, delving into the experiences of refugees while delivering a compelling and emotionally charged narrative. The film’s excellent performances, thought-provoking story, and innovative approach to the genre make it a standout choice for viewers looking for more than just jump scares.

Is His House a psychological movie?

Yes, “His House” can be categorized as a psychological horror movie. While it includes supernatural elements, a significant portion of the horror is rooted in the psychological and emotional experiences of the characters. The film explores the trauma, guilt, and cultural displacement faced by the refugee couple, making it a thought-provoking and psychologically engaging film.

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