Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast

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Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast

Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast

Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast – “Ramabanam,” the 2023 Telugu action drama directed by Sriwass and starring Gopichand, Dimple Hayathi, Jagapathi Babu, and others, is a rollercoaster of emotions, familial bonds, and high-stakes drama. While the film had its share of mixed reviews, it offers an engaging storyline and compelling performances, albeit with some flaws.

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Ramabanam Movie Story Isaidub

The story revolves around two brothers, Rajaram (Jagapathi Babu) and Vikram, affectionately known as Vicky (Gopichand). Rajaram is the embodiment of ethics and abides by the law, running a peaceful restaurant with his wife Bhuvaneshwari. Vicky, on the other hand, is a rebellious and hotheaded young man who doesn’t shy away from using his fists when faced with injustice.

Trouble arises when Vicky clashes with a rival restaurateur named Paparao, leading to the burning down of Paparao’s house. In an attempt to keep Vicky on the right path, Rajaram urges him to surrender to the police. However, Vicky decides to flee his hometown and ends up in Kolkata.

Years later, Vicky has transformed into a feared gangster in Kolkata, living under the wing of his adoptive father, Guptha. He falls in love with Bhairavi (Dimple Hayathi), and their love is reciprocated. However, Bhairavi’s father refuses to accept their union, believing that Vicky is an orphan.

Vicky, determined to make things right, brings Bhairavi to Hyderabad to introduce her to his family. To his surprise, his family warmly welcomes Bhairavi, unaware of his life as a gangster. Unbeknownst to them, their family is under threat from GK, a powerful food manufacturer and the son-in-law of Paparao.

GK’s animosity towards Rajaram stems from a public humiliation Rajaram inflicted on GK Foods. In retaliation, GK poisons food donated by Rajaram to an orphanage, endangering the lives of the children who consume it. Rajaram lives in constant fear of imprisonment, but he instructs his family to keep up a facade in front of Vicky.

As Vicky becomes aware of the peril his family faces, he takes it upon himself to fight against GK’s nefarious activities. He starts by resuming Rajaram’s daughter’s canceled wedding and thwarting numerous attacks orchestrated by GK. Throughout this time, Rajaram and the rest of the family remain blissfully unaware of Vicky’s true profession.

Bhairavi’s family arrives in Hyderabad and arranges her engagement to Vicky. Vicky gets closer to uncovering Bailuraju, a family associate on GK’s payroll who was responsible for the poisoning of the orphanage food. However, GK brings in Vicky’s rival, Mukherjee, to eliminate Bailuraju. Despite Vicky’s efforts, Bailuraju dies, leaving Vicky devastated.

The confrontation between Vicky and Mukherjee is witnessed by Rajaram, who finally discovers Vicky’s true identity as a gangster. Filled with anger and disappointment, Rajaram throws Vicky out of the house and cancels the marriage.

As the court hearing approaches, GK kidnaps Rajaram and the hospitalized children, intending to frame Rajaram as a fugitive and eliminate them all. Vicky manages to locate Rajaram but is overpowered by GK and his goons. Realizing the sacrifices Vicky has made for their family, Rajaram joins the fight against GK’s goons, ultimately saving the children. In court, evidence of GK’s crimes surfaces, leading to his and Paparao’s imprisonment. Vicky is finally reunited with his family.

Ramabanam Movie Review Filmyzilla

“Ramabanam” brings together director Sriwass and actor Gopichand for the third time, following their collaborations in “Lakshyam” and “Loukyam.” While the film promises to be a traditional masala entertainer, it occasionally falls short of expectations, relying on clichéd tropes to fill its runtime.

Gopichand portrays Vicky, a fiery and hot-headed youngster who becomes a gangster in Kolkata. His performance is commendable, effortlessly embodying the character’s intensity and conviction. Jagapathi Babu, as Rajaram, adds depth and gravitas to the film with his portrayal of an upright and law-abiding man. Khushbu, playing Bhuvaneshwari, also delivers a noteworthy performance.

Dimple Hayathi shines as Bhairavi, the love interest of Vicky. While her character has potential, the script doesn’t fully explore her role, relegating her to the sidelines for much of the film. This underutilization of characters is a recurring issue in “Ramabanam.”

The film touches upon the topic of organic food versus processed food, using it as a backdrop for the conflict between Vicky and GK. Unfortunately, this theme feels forced and doesn’t add significant depth to the narrative. Instead, it serves as a vehicle to elevate Vicky’s character, further accentuating the divide between the hero and the villains.

“Ramabanam” also falls into the trap of problematic tropes. The character Savitri (Vennela Kishore), an effeminate Carnatic music teacher, becomes the target of homophobic jokes, demonstrating a lack of sensitivity on the part of the filmmakers. Additionally, the subplot involving a broken engagement with financial implications raises ethical concerns, leaving the audience uncomfortable.

One of the film’s major drawbacks is its frequent reliance on convenience. Vicky effortlessly solves various issues that arise throughout the plot, preventing the audience from becoming emotionally invested in the characters or their struggles. Side characters like Ajju and Vijju (Satya and Getup Srinu) and Shakalaka Shankar are underutilized, contributing little to the overall narrative.

The love story between Vicky and Bhairavi lacks depth and development, with Bhairavi primarily appearing in duet sequences. This superficial treatment of their relationship diminishes its impact on the audience.

Mickey J. Meyer’s music, apart from one song, is serviceable but fails to leave a lasting impression. Vetri Palanisamy’s cinematography, however, effectively complements the film’s visuals.

“Ramabanam’s” most significant shortcoming is its lack of originality. The film treads familiar ground and relies on worn-out tropes, making it feel unexciting and predictable. While it has its moments, including compelling scenes between Vicky and Rajaram, it fails to fully capitalize on its potential, leaving the audience wanting more.

In conclusion, “Ramabanam” offers a tale of brotherhood, revenge, and redemption but struggles to break free from clichés and problematic stereotypes. Gopichand’s performance shines in a film that falls short of its potential due to an uninspired storyline and character underutilization. While it may satisfy fans of traditional masala films, it ultimately leaves much to be desired for those seeking fresh and innovative storytelling.

With a stronger script and more thoughtful character development, “Ramabanam” could have been a standout addition to the Telugu cinema landscape. Nevertheless, it remains an entertaining watch for those who appreciate the genre’s conventions and the performances of its talented cast.

Ramabanam Movie Cast Filmywap

Dimple HayathiBhairavi
Jagapathi BabuRajaram
Tarun AroraGK
Mohammad Ali
Darbha Appaji AmbarishaChacha
Sachin KhedekarBhairavi’s father
Vennela KishoreSavitri
Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast

Ramabanam Movie Crew Members Mp4moviez

ProducerVivek Kuchibhotla

T.G. Vishwa Prasad
WriterMadhusudan Padamati

Bhupathi Raja
Music ByMickey J. Meyer
Cinematography byVetri Palanisamy
Film Editing ByPrawin Pudi
Production Design byKiran Kumar Manne
Costume Design byBobby Angara

Thota Vijay Bhaskar

Lakshmi Kilari
Ramabanam Movie OTT Platform, Review, Release Date, Cast

Ramabanam Movie Trailer HDHUB4U

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What is the story of ramabanam?

The story of “Ramabanam” is a Telugu-language action drama centered around two brothers, Rajaram and Vicky. Rajaram is an ethical and law-abiding man who runs a restaurant with his wife. Vicky, his younger brother, is a hot-headed individual who becomes a gangster in Kolkata. The story explores their contrasting lives and the challenges they face, including conflicts with a rival gangster, love interests, and family secrets. Ultimately, it’s a tale of redemption and family bonds.

Who is the heroine in ramabanam movie?

The heroine in the movie “Ramabanam” is Dimple Hayathi, who plays the character Bhairavi. She is the love interest of the protagonist, Vicky.

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