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magician Suhani shah
Suhani Shah Biography
Suhani Shah Biography photo

let’s start with Indian Magician Suhani Shah biography short. for full detail of Suhani shah read the complete article.
magician Suhani shah is a famous female magician, great mentalist & illusionist in India. she was born in a simple family on 29 January 1990 in Udaipur RAJASTHAN. Magician Suhani shah is very famous for her mentalist magician & on all social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook. At the age of seven, she creates the World Gennies Record for the youngest magician in the world. magician Suhani shah is known as a magic fairy of India.

Let’s start with the Indian magician Suhani Shah biography Full Details

who is Suhani Shah?

Suhani shah is a great magician. He is a very talented and glamourous look magician in India. he is not famous only in India but famous Worldwide as a mind reader & great female magician.

Suhani Shah photo
Suhani Shah photo

Her father’s name is Chandrakant shah & her mother’s name is Mrs. Snehlata shah. magician Suhani shah’s age is 32 years. In 1997 she started his career as a magician. and now he is a famous magician. He is still alive and always present for her magic and mind-reading shows.

Suhani shah biography | Suhani shah Wikipedia

Suhani shah biography as a magician, She did her first show at the age of seven in Ahmedabad Gujarat. which was a super hit. she did her first show in front of the former chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Shankar Singh Vaghela. magician Suhani shah did her 5000 magic show at the age of 18. It is a proud moment for her family & All girls.

Previously, magic was always performed by men. But as soon as he stepped into the world of magic, Suhani Shah left behind all the big magicians. And also pushed women forward in the field of witchcraft. And set an example for the country. at the age of five, she decided to become a magician. then she started doing magic shows at the age of 7. at the age of nine he got the name achievement of magic fairy of India

In 1999 magician magic fairy get the best magician award. The then President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat Praised Suhani a lot. And very impressed with her magic.

Suhani Shah family and caste

Suhani Shah Family

Indian magicianSuhani Shah’s family has a total of four members. she is one, her father, her mother, and her brother. Surprisingly none of them have a witchcraft family background. Despite this, Suhani got full support from these people. And today Suhani is a very big magazine.

Indian Magician Suhani Shah photo
Indian Magician Suhani Shah photo

Suhani Shah caste | suhani shah religion

Suhani Shah belongs to the Hindu religion. Her whole family is in the Hindu religion. Suhani Shah is related to the BANIYA cast. she is very straight for castism. she believes in equality.

Suhani Shah Educational Qualification

Suhani Shah is a famous magician and mind reader in front of all of you today. But he has worked hard and lost a lot to get it all. One of which is his education. Indian Magician Suhani Shah never goes to school after the first class TWO, she left school because of her passion. He has nothing of a Diploma or Degree.

But Suhani’s mother told in an interview that Suhani was very fond of studies. I used to bring books for her. And that Used to study like this. The surprising thing is that Suhani has written 5 books without reading. And today she motivates people in big companies and shows in Hindi and English language.

Suhani Shah Books

Suhani’s ability to write a book is no less than magic. because writing a book without reading it is great magic. at the age of 15, Suhani shah publishes her first book Unleash Your Hidden Powers. Thus Indian Magician Suhani Shah books list

  • Unleash Your Hidden Powers
  • Wise Enough to Be Foolish
  • Conquer Yourself
  • Sharpen Memory
  • Your Hospital Bag: 31 items that are most essential for you and your baby during your hospital stay and after childbirth.

Suhani Shah remains busy in shows till 12 at the night and before that she prepares for the shows. That’s why she says that 1 am to 5 am is the best time for her to write books. that is a very important role in Suhani Shah biography. Because more books are going to be published soon.

Suhani Shah career | TV Shows & Profession

Indian Magician Suhani Shah Biography begins here. Suhani Shah started her career as a magician at the age of seven. She moved to AMERICA at the age of 9 and became the Magic Queen in the Hollywood film Harry Porter. This made Suhani very famous.

Suhani Shah with Bollywood stars
Suhani Shah with Bollywood stars

When she came back to India, there was a lot of growth in her career. Her magic team has now become a team of 40 people. And the demand for his shows had increased a lot. Now Suhani’s parents started organizing the show and started helping Suhani.

In this way, the experience of Suhani is increasing day by day. And many places started considering Suhani as a goddess. But Suhani misinterprets Devi’s words. She used to say that he was only showing his art. This is how Suhani’s career started.

Along with magic, Suhani has learned a lot. There is also a psychic counselor accompanying the magician. Today Suhani does big shows on TV. Along with this, she also does shows with big Bollywood stars and famous YouTubers.

Suhani Shah net worth

Indian Magician, Suhani Shah Biography net worth was not calculated exactly. approx 1 crore net worth of Suhani.

she has so many earning sources like her magic show, tv shows, news shows, YouTube, Instagram, and more. she earns approx 1 lakh rupees monthly.

Suhani shah every youtube video goes more than 1-2 million views, so he earns money from youtube approx 1-2 lakh/month easily.

she has her own house in Rajasthan. and many luxury cars.

suhani shah social media

she is available on every social media platform.

suhani shah boyfriend | suhani shah relationship

Suhani shah has a complete family. if we discuss her boyfriend or relationship, she has no boyfriend. he is still single. he spends a lot of time with her family and practices her shows.

Suhani shah wiki age height | Suhani shah magician height weight

HEIGHT1.64 Meter
WEIGHTapprox 40kg
HairstyleBoard and brown color
Hobbiesplay with animals
SUhani shah biography’s key points

Unknown facts About Suhani Shah | lesser known facts about suhani

  • SUHANI gets the magic association award in 1999.
  • Magic Association has awarded the name Jaadu Pari
  • Suhani Shah made a record of getting a computer diploma at the youngest age. This record was made at the age of seven.
  • Made a record of learning web design at the age of 9.
  • At the age of 13, the Korean government made a documentary on Suhani, from which the children there got to learn a lot.
    Suhani is also a psychic counselor accompanying the magician. Through this she treats people.
  • shah is the only female who creates the World Gennies Record for the youngest magician in the world.

The daughters of the country can do anything. You also give them full support. As Suhani was done by her parents.

beti bachao

beti padhao

‘Save the girl child, educate the girl child’

Great Prime Minister SHRI N. modi JI.

This is the complete details of the Indian Magician Suhani Shah Biography, if you want to know something more about Suhani comment below, and we will reply to you soon. hope you like this article, if you like this rate us and spread your love with your friends, family, and others.

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What is the education of Suhani Shah?

Suhani shah left her schooling after one class. she has no degree or diploma in any stream. but she is very talented and comfortable with many languages & she wrote 5 books. and still working on it.

who is Suhani shah?

Suhani shah is a famous magician, YouTuber, motivational speaker, & hypnosis.

How old Suhani Shah is?

Suhani Shah’s age is 32 years. and still, she is single. she has no boyfriend & relationship at the current time.

How did Suhani become Magician?

once time Suhani shows a magic show in Gujrat. then she thought to become a magician. she left the scrolling for the become magician. and at the age of 7, he performed her first magic show.

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