Is Greg Gutfeld still married

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Is Greg Gutfeld still married

Is Greg Gutfeld still married

Is Greg Gutfeld still married – In February 2022, Greg Gutfeld, the host of the Fox News show “Gutfeld!” and co-host of “The Five,” decided to hit the road and meet his fans in cities like Dallas. But who’s Greg Gutfeld, and who’s the lucky woman by his side?

Is Greg Gutfeld still married

Is Greg Gutfeld still married or not?

Well, Greg Gutfeld is a popular TV personality, known for his controversial but entertaining show on Fox News. He’s been a hit, even beating out big names like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon in viewership as of January 2022.

Now, let’s talk about the lady in his life. Greg Gutfeld’s wife is Elena Moussa, and they’ve been happily married since 2004. But before we get into their love story, let’s find out why Greg decided to tour in the first place.

Greg’s show “Gutfeld!” was doing exceptionally well on Fox News, pulling in an impressive 1.9 million viewers on average. That made it the top-rated show in its time slot. So, he thought, why not take the show on the road and get up close and personal with his loyal fans?

Is Greg Gutfeld still married

Let’s dive into the love story now. Greg and Elena’s paths crossed back in the early 2000s when he was the editor-in-chief of British Maxim magazine, and Elena worked as a photo editor for the Russian version of Maxim. They met at a conference of Maxim editors in Portugal, where they coincidentally had adjoining hotel rooms.

Greg was smitten from the start and, as he puts it, “foolishly hit on her for three days.” Elena, however, wasn’t immediately interested. But Greg was persistent. Eventually, he asked her out on a date, and that’s when things began to change. In fact, Elena decided to move to London to be with him. It’s a classic love story where persistence paid off.

Now, you might be wondering if they have children together. The answer is no, but Elena often shares photos of her niece on Instagram, giving us a glimpse into their family life.

Speaking of Instagram, when Elena isn’t sharing adorable family photos, she works as a fashion stylist and photo editor for Maxim Russia. She’s got a keen eye for style and photography, having studied fashion and design at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design. In May 2011, Elena founded a clothing company called Moussa Project. Although her LinkedIn page indicates that the business is still open, a quick internet search shows that the women’s clothing store, located in Moscow, Russia, has permanently closed its doors.

Now, let’s talk about where Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa call home. Greg has an apartment in New York City, and he’s had some interesting experiences there. In a June 2020 Fox News opinion piece, he wrote about the challenges of dealing with looting in his neighborhood. They even hired private security to protect their property, but one storefront in their building still got vandalized during the unrest. Thankfully, their apartments remained unharmed.

Is Greg Gutfeld still married

But that’s not their only residence. According to a January 2022 profile in The Washington Post, Greg and Elena also own a beautiful “mid-century modern lake house” in the New York countryside. The house boasts “soaring glass walls that frame a breathtaking, wooded view.” It sounds like a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Interestingly, in a September 2021 episode of “Gutfeld!,” Greg expressed his desire to leave New York. He joked about needing to convince more than just his wife, hinting at some mysterious figures and inside jokes with his audience. It’s all in good fun, of course, as he pokes fun at the challenges of making big decisions.


In conclusion, Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa have a unique and intriguing love story. They met through their work at Maxim magazines, and despite initial setbacks, their love blossomed. Elena is not only a loving wife but also a talented fashion stylist and photo editor. Their homes in New York City and the countryside provide a balance between urban excitement and peaceful retreat. And, as Greg Gutfeld continues to entertain his viewers, his off-screen life with Elena remains an interesting part of his story.

Is Greg Gutfeld currently married?

Yes, Greg Gutfeld is married to Elena Moussa.

Does Greg Gutfeld still live with his wife?

As of 2018, Greg Gutfeld lives in New York City with his wife, Elena Moussa. They first met in London, where Greg lived for three years. Greg grew up as a Roman Catholic but now describes himself as an “agnostic atheist.”

How did Tyrus get on Gutfeld?

In November 2016, Greg Gutfeld, the host of a Fox News show, invited someone named Tyrus, whose real name is Murdoch, to be a guest commentator on his show, The Greg Gutfeld Show. After Tyrus’s first appearance, Gutfeld liked him so much that he asked him to come back on the show twice a month.

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