Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

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Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height – Kyra Cooney-Cross is a name that’s making waves in the world of Australian soccer. At just 21 years old, she’s already a prominent figure in the sport, both in her home country and internationally. This young midfielder, who currently plays for Hammarby IF in the Damallsvenskan, has a promising career ahead of her. Let’s dive into her journey, accomplishments, and what makes her a standout player in the soccer world.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

Kyra Cooney-Cross Early Life and Beginnings

Born on February 15, 2002, in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, Kyra Cooney-Cross had soccer in her blood from a young age. She took her first steps onto the soccer field as a child and quickly demonstrated her talent. Her journey towards becoming a soccer sensation began early, and it didn’t take long for her to gain recognition.

One of her early highlights was her participation in the 2016 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Jordan, where she represented the Australian U-17 team. This experience allowed her to showcase her skills on the international stage and set the stage for her future career.

Real NameKyra Lillee Cooney-Cross
Nick NameKyra Cooney-Cross
Date of birth15 February 2002
Age21 years old
Height164 cm (5 Feet 5 Inches)
Weight(120 lbs) 55 kg
Birth PlaceHerston, Australia
ProfessionAustralian Soccer Player
Zodiac SignAquarius

Rapid Rise in the Soccer World

Kyra’s rise in the soccer world was swift and impressive. In 2018, she competed in the 2018 AFC U-19 Women’s Championship as part of the Australian U-20 team, further solidifying her place as a promising talent in Australian women’s soccer.

However, it was in June 2021 that Kyra Cooney-Cross made her senior international debut for Australia, a significant milestone in her career. Her debut against Sweden in a friendly match was nothing short of remarkable. In that game, she scored an incredible long-range goal that secured a 2-1 victory for Australia. It was a moment that captured the attention of soccer fans and marked the beginning of her journey as a senior international player.

Since that impactful debut, Kyra has become a reliable starter for the Matildas, the Australian women’s national soccer team. Her contributions on the field played a crucial role in securing a spot for Australia in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, a tournament that promises to be a defining moment in her career.

Versatility and Skill on the Field

Kyra Cooney-Cross is not your average midfielder. She possesses a unique blend of skills that make her a formidable force on the soccer pitch. Her ability to adapt to different roles on the field sets her apart from her peers.

She is a constant threat in the final third of the field, with an eye for goal that keeps opposing defenses on their toes. Her strength in possession allows her to control the flow of the game, and her passing range is exceptional, making her a valuable playmaker for her team. But it’s not just her offensive prowess that shines; Kyra is also known for her work rate and defensive tenacity. She’s not afraid to make a tackle or put in the hard yards to win the ball back for her team.

All these qualities combined make Kyra Cooney-Cross one of the most talented young players in Australian women’s soccer. Her potential is boundless, and the soccer world eagerly awaits her performance at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 and beyond.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Age

Kyra Cooney-Cross’s age is often a topic of discussion because of her incredible achievements at such a young age. As of 2023, she is just 21 years old, and her birthday falls on February 15th. Despite her youth, Kyra has already made a significant impact on the world of soccer.

Her journey from her hometown of Herston, Australia, to the international stage is a testament to her dedication and talent. She serves as an inspiration to young athletes around the world, proving that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing your dreams and excelling in your chosen field.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

As she enters her early twenties, Kyra is poised for even greater success. Her impressive skill set, combined with the support of her fans, family, and coaches, ensures that she will continue to make waves in the world of soccer. The soccer community is eagerly looking forward to her future endeavors, as she continues to dazzle with her commitment, talent, and passion for the beautiful game.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Nationality

Kyra Cooney-Cross’s nationality is a source of pride for her and her fellow Australians. She was born in Herston, Australia, and her journey from a small Australian town to international soccer stardom is a reflection of the nation’s rich and diverse soccer scene.

Representing Australia at various youth levels, Kyra has become a symbol of the nation’s commitment to nurturing and developing young athletes. Her inclusion in the national team is not only a personal achievement but also a testament to the opportunities available for young players to shine on the global stage.

As a proud Australian citizen, Kyra Cooney-Cross carries the hopes and aspirations of her country with her every time she steps onto the soccer field. Her journey is a reminder that talent knows no boundaries, and with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.

A Journey Through Clubs

Kyra’s journey through club soccer has been marked by notable achievements and contributions to her teams. She currently plays midfield for Hammarby IF in the Damallsvenskan, a professional women’s soccer league in Sweden. Her move to Sweden in 2022 marked a significant chapter in her career.

Prior to her time with Hammarby IF, Kyra had her share of success in the Australian soccer scene. She made her junior debut with Ballarat City before joining Melbourne Victory in 2017. Her debut in the W-League, Australia’s top-tier women’s soccer league, came in October 2017, and she made an immediate impact by finishing the season with six goals. Her exceptional performances earned her the W-League Young Player of the Year award in 2018.

In addition to her club success, Kyra has also been a valuable asset to the Australian national team. Her selection for the Matildas’ squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was a testament to her standing in the team. She played a crucial role in helping Australia advance to the semifinals with a goal in the quarterfinal win over Great Britain.

A Goal-Scoring Debut

One of the standout moments in Kyra Cooney-Cross’s career was her senior international debut for Australia in June 2021. Facing Sweden in a friendly match, Kyra left an indelible mark on the game. In her first appearance for the Matildas, she scored a breathtaking long-range goal that sealed a 2-1 victory for Australia.

This goal not only announced her arrival on the senior international stage but also showcased her ability to produce moments of brilliance when her team needed them the most. It was a goal that captured the hearts of soccer fans and established Kyra as a player to watch.

Olympic Success

Kyra Cooney-Cross’s international career continued to flourish as she was selected for the Matildas’ squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which took place in 2021 due to the pandemic. Her performance in the tournament was outstanding, and she played a pivotal role in Australia’s journey to the semifinals.

One of the standout moments came in the quarterfinal match against Great Britain. Kyra’s goal in that game helped secure a 4-3 victory for Australia, sending them into the semifinals. It was a thrilling match that showcased her ability to shine on the big stage and contribute when it matters most.

Making an Impact in Sweden

In 2022, Kyra Cooney-Cross embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining Hammarby IF in Sweden. The move marked her transition to European club soccer, a significant step in the career of many talented players.

Her impact at Hammarby IF was immediate. She quickly established herself as a vital member of the team, showcasing her skills and goal-scoring ability. In her debut year with the club, she found the back of the net four times, underlining her importance to the team’s success.

Her performances in the Damallsvenskan, one of the top women’s soccer leagues in Europe, did not go unnoticed. She was not only making a name for herself but also contributing to the overall success of her club.

Recognition in Allsvenskan Team

Kyra Cooney-Cross’s outstanding performances at Hammarby IF earned her recognition in the season’s Allsvenskan Team. This acknowledgment highlighted her as one of the league’s standout players and affirmed her status as a rising star in European women’s soccer.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Partner, Ethnicity, Stats, Games, Height

Being named to the Allsvenskan Team was a testament to her hard work, dedication, and skill. It was further evidence that Kyra was not only succeeding but excelling in a highly competitive environment.


Kyra Cooney-Cross is a young talent who has taken the soccer world by storm. Her journey from a small Australian town to international soccer stardom is a testament to her talent, dedication, and passion for the game. At just 21 years old, she has achieved remarkable success and has a bright future ahead of her.

Her versatility on the field, goal-scoring ability, and strong work ethic make her a player to watch in the coming years. She has already left her mark on the Australian women’s national team and European club soccer. As she continues to grow and develop, there’s no doubt that Kyra Cooney-Cross will be a key figure in the future of women’s soccer, both in Australia and on the global stage.

What number does Kyra Cooney-Cross wear?

Kyra Cooney-Cross wears the number 23 jersey when she plays soccer.

Who is Kyra Cooney-Cross’s dad?

Kyra Cooney-Cross’s dad is named Jai. He also has a background in football and used to play at the semi-professional level in Queensland with a team called the Sunshine Coast Fire.

How much does Kyra Cooney-Cross weigh?

Kyra Cooney-Cross weighs around 55 kilograms.

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