Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story

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Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story

Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story

Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story – “Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy” is not just a fictional drama; it’s based on real-life events that have left a mark in Atlanta’s history. This gripping story draws inspiration from Ron Stodghill’s book, “Redbone: Money, Malice, and Murder in Atlanta.” In this article, we’ll explore the series, the true story behind it, and what to expect when it hits our screens.

Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story

Is Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story or not?

The series revolves around the life of Lance Herndon, a prominent businessman in Atlanta. Lance was known for two significant contributions to the city: he played a pivotal role in reforming the 911 system and earned a reputation for having multiple romantic relationships.

Production Announcement

In April 2023, BET+ made a thrilling announcement regarding a series based on Lance Herndon’s life. Taye Diggs takes on the lead role, promising an exciting portrayal. The series is set to be released later in the same year, inviting viewers to delve into this intriguing narrative.

Release Details

“Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy” will be released in two parts. Part One graced BET Plus screens on Thursday, September 21, while Part Two is scheduled for Thursday, September 28. To watch this gripping saga, you’ll need a BET Plus subscription. Unfortunately, as of now, the release date for the UK remains uncertain.

Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy Plot

The story kicks off when Lance Herndon is found lifeless in his own home. This sudden and tragic event sparks questions and suspicions throughout the community. The police launch an investigation, eager to uncover the truth about his demise. They delve into Lance’s professional and personal life, leaving no stone unturned.

Key Questions

The investigators explore various angles. Did a rival businessman seek revenge against Lance due to a lucrative contract? Or could it have been someone from Lance’s complex web of romantic relationships, harboring anger or jealousy?

Narrative Style

“Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy” draws its narrative from Ron Stodghill’s book, as it unfolds through the perspectives of those who knew Lance Herndon best. This unique storytelling approach promises to offer viewers a deeper understanding of the enigmatic businessman.


The series revolves around Lance Herndon, a prominent Atlanta businessman renowned for improving the city’s 911 system and his reputation for romantic entanglements. When he’s discovered dead in his own home, a cloud of mystery shrouds the circumstances of his death. Many speculate on who might have had motives to harm him.

Love and Murder Atlanta Playboy true story

Where to Watch

This much-anticipated two-night event, “Love & Murder: Atlanta Playboy,” is exclusively available on BET Plus. Part One premiered on Thursday, September 21, and Part Two is scheduled for release on Thursday, September 28. This thrilling event promises an extended and immersive viewing experience, spanning two exciting evenings.


“Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy” isn’t just another crime drama; it’s a window into the real-life complexities of Lance Herndon’s story. With a compelling narrative, talented cast, and unique storytelling approach, it’s a series that promises to captivate audiences and shed light on a true story that continues to intrigue Atlanta to this day.

What is “Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy” all about?

“Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy” is a TV series based on real-life events in Atlanta. It’s inspired by the book “Redbone: Money, Malice, and Murder in Atlanta” by Ron Stodghill and tells the story of Lance Herndon, a successful businessman.

Who is Lance Herndon, and why is his story significant?

Lance Herndon was a prominent businessman in Atlanta known for his contributions to reforming the city’s 911 system and his numerous romantic relationships. His life and mysterious death form the basis of this series.

When was the production of “Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy” announced, and who is the lead actor?

BET+ announced the production of the series in April 2023. Taye Diggs plays the lead role in this gripping drama.

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