Who is Amanda in Saw X

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Who is Amanda in Saw X

Who is Amanda in Saw X

Who is Amanda in Saw X – In the upcoming Saw X movie, Amanda Young, a character known from previous Saw films, is set to return. The director of the movie, Kevin Greutert, has shared some insights into Amanda’s role. Amanda is going to be a significant character in this new story. We’ll see her character development from being a vulnerable drug addict in the first Saw movie to becoming a more confident and sassy rebel in Saw 3.

Who is Amanda in Saw X

For those unfamiliar with the series, Amanda Young first appeared in the original Saw movie as a potential victim of Jigsaw, the notorious mastermind behind the gruesome traps. She was forced to wear the infamous bear trap mask but managed to escape it in a very intense and graphic way. Later, she became an apprentice to Jigsaw, much like Tobin Bell’s character, and appeared in multiple Saw movies.

In Saw X, the story revolves around Jigsaw, whose real name is John Kramer, seeking medical help in Mexico after the events of the first film. However, the medical clinic he turns to for a cure turns out to be a scam. In response, Jigsaw does what he does best: he takes justice into his own hands and sets up elaborate and horrifying traps.

Recently, Lionsgate released the official trailer for Saw X, and it’s clear that Tobin Bell is back as Jigsaw. The trailer also revealed the return of Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young. In this new photo of Amanda, she is seen wearing the iconic pig mask and robe, a signature outfit from the series, which she uses to abduct Jigsaw’s victims. Saw X is set between the first two Saw movies, so we’ll get to see Amanda in her earlier days as Jigsaw’s apprentice.

Saw X explores a different side of John Kramer’s life. He has been battling terminal cancer for a long time. Instead of giving up, he decides to head to Mexico for a risky experimental procedure that might cure him. However, he soon discovers that he and many others have been scammed by this clinic. In retaliation, Jigsaw takes matters into his own hands to seek vengeance on those responsible, using his infamous traps.

What to Expect from Saw X: A Glimpse into John Kramer Story

Apart from the return of Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith, Saw X goes back to the roots of the franchise, emphasizing the gore and suspense that fans love. According to producer Oren Koules, this film will clarify where it fits in the overall timeline of the Saw series. It also delves deep into John Kramer’s character, showing more of his human side.

Who is Amanda in Saw X

One thing that fans can look forward to is the return of the intense traps that define the Saw series. The movie will feature new and creative traps, keeping up with the franchise’s reputation for delivering gruesome and nail-biting moments.


In summary, Amanda Young is making a comeback in Saw X, and her character’s journey from a vulnerable victim to a confident apprentice will be explored. The movie focuses on John Kramer’s quest for a cure to his terminal cancer and his subsequent revenge on those who scammed him. Fans can expect more of the intense and suspenseful traps that have become synonymous with the Saw series.

Why is Amanda in Saw X?

Amanda comes back in Saw X because the movie happens before the events of Saw III. This means we get to see a different side of her character and her relationship with Jigsaw. In Saw X, Amanda’s loyalty to Jigsaw is tested, and it hints at the conflicts she will face in the future in the Saw franchise.

Is Amanda alive in Saw X?

Yes, Amanda is alive in Saw X. After surviving a test set by John Kramer in the first movie, he didn’t want to hurt her. Instead, he became her mentor. Eventually, Amanda became one of Jigsaw’s first apprentices, helping him with the traps we see in SAW I-III.

Why did Jigsaw choose Amanda?

In a surprising twist, it turns out that Amanda was working with John all along. She saw him as a father figure and decided to become his apprentice. Amanda believed that the test she went through in the first film actually saved her life, which is why she joined forces with Jigsaw.

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