Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards

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Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards

Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards

Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards – Morganna Roberts, often simply known as Morganna, is a name that resonates in the world of sports entertainment. Born on July 4, 1947, Morganna became an iconic figure in baseball and other sports from 1969 through 1999. She was also billed as “Morganna the Wild One” when she took to the stage as a dancer in the 1980s. Her claim to fame was her daring field rushes, during which she planted kisses on Major League Baseball players, including legends like Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, George Brett, Steve Garvey, Len Barker, and Cal Ripken Jr. Her unconventional antics made her a beloved figure in the sports world, earning her the titles of “baseball’s unofficial mascot” and “the grand dame of baseball.” Morganna didn’t stop at baseball; she also crashed National Basketball Association (NBA) games, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being one of her most notable victims.

Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards

Morganna Roberts Early Life: A Humble Beginning

Morganna Roberts was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and her journey to sports stardom is a tale of perseverance and determination. She developed a love for baseball at a young age, thanks to her grandfather, who took her to watch the Louisville team play. However, her early life was marked by hardship. Her mother, Jane, disowned Morganna as a baby, leading her grandmother, Virginia, to step in and care for her for the first six years of her life.

Eventually, Morganna was sent to Mount Mercy Catholic Boarding School, just outside Louisville. At the time, she harbored dreams of becoming a nun. However, fate had other plans for her. At the age of 13, she decided to run away from the school, embarking on an adventurous journey with a friend to Baltimore. They hitchhiked their way there and found themselves in a challenging situation, living on the streets and surviving by scavenging food from garbage cans. Morganna was eager to find employment, but her age prevented her from obtaining a work permit, making her job search even more challenging.

The Unexpected Turn: From Cigarette Girl to Exotic Dancer

After a month of struggling in Baltimore, Morganna stumbled upon an advertisement in the window of the Flamingo Club that read, “Cigarette Girl or Camera Girl. Must be 18.” Fueled by determination, she told the club owner that she was 18, and he quickly decided to hire her. However, Morganna had no idea what the job entailed and believed it had something to do with camels and veils.

Her first appearance on stage as a dancer didn’t go smoothly. She struggled to walk in high heels, and the audience kept shouting, “Take it off,” assuming she was the subject of their request. Overwhelmed, she burst into tears and had to be escorted offstage by the manager. However, Morganna was not one to back down easily. After observing other performers, she quickly adapted and became a successful exotic dancer by the time she reached 17.

Her act was a unique blend of stripping and comedy, featuring her wearing two 10-gallon cowboy hats on her chest while impersonating the film critic Gene Shalit. She refrained from singing because, as she put it, “when I sing, people think the place is being raided.”

Morganna became particularly known for her ample physical development. She humorously referred to her measurements as her “baseball stats,” citing them as 60–23–39 inches (152–58–99 cm). She often joked that Dolly Parton was “flat-chested” compared to her. Morganna’s well-endowed physique began developing at an early age, and by the time she was 12, she could easily pass for 18. Her unique physical attributes required her to wear custom-made I cup bras, each costing $50, crafted by a company in Columbus, Ohio. She even quipped, “People ask me where I get my bras, and I always tell them the same people who make my bras made the domes for all the stadiums.” Additionally, she had to spend $45 a month on aerobics classes to strengthen her back to support the weight of her “stage props.”

Despite her striking appearance, Morganna insisted, “I’m not a sex symbol. I’m a comedienne. I make folks smile. I make them laugh – and that makes my day. What are we here for, if not that?”

The Kissing Bandit: Morganna’s Unconventional Fame

Morganna’s journey from an adventurous teenager to an iconic figure in sports entertainment continued to evolve. She became famous for her daring antics as the “Kissing Bandit.” During baseball games, she would rush onto the field, leaving a trail of excitement in her wake. Morganna’s audacious move was to kiss Major League Baseball players right on the field. Some of the legendary players who experienced her impromptu kisses included Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, George Brett (twice), Steve Garvey, Len Barker, and Cal Ripken Jr.

She was more than just a fan; she became an unofficial mascot for the sport, and her presence added a unique and unpredictable element to baseball games. Fans and players alike eagerly anticipated her appearances. Morganna’s bold actions earned her endearing nicknames like “baseball’s unofficial mascot” and “the grand dame of baseball.”

Morganna Roberts Wikipedia, Kissing Bandit, Baseball Cards

Morganna didn’t limit her escapades to baseball. She also made her mark in the world of the National Basketball Association (NBA), where she crashed games and kissed unsuspecting players. One of her most memorable moments was planting a kiss on the towering Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Her fearless exploits transcended baseball and endeared her to sports fans across the nation.

Who Did Morganna Kiss?

Morganna, famously known as the “Kissing Bandit,” began her kissing spree in 1969 during a Cincinnati Reds home game. Her first target was none other than Pete Rose, whom she planted a kiss on the cheek. Over the years, Morganna kissed numerous Major League Baseball players, including legendary names like Nolan Ryan and George Brett. These impromptu kisses became her trademark. However, it’s worth noting that Morganna officially retired from her Kissing Bandit act in 2000 and gradually faded from the public eye.

How Many Baseball Players Did Morganna Kiss?

Morganna’s kissing adventures extended beyond baseball. By 1990, she had kissed 37 Major League Baseball players, along with 12 NBA players and several hockey players. Remarkably, she proudly claimed that she had been arrested 19 times in connection with her daring field rushes and kisses. Her unconventional acts left a lasting impression on both players and fans.

Who Is the California Angels Fan Known as Morganna?

Morganna’s fame wasn’t limited to one sport or team. In this particular instance, a California Angels fan, who went by the name Morganna, made headlines. She would dash across the field during games to give players like Fred Lynn a surprise kiss. Her spontaneous appearances and kisses created memorable moments during baseball games, capturing the attention of fans and players alike.

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