RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

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RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date – “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier,” directed by Nahas Hidayath and produced by Sophia Paul, is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language action film that packs a punch with its dynamic fight sequences, high-stakes stunts, and electrifying music. The movie revolves around the lives of three ‘angry young men’ in Kochi: Robert, Dony, and Xavier. These friends share a deep bond and a passion for martial arts. Robert excels in karate, Dony in boxing, and Xavier in nunchucks.

RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date
RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

The story unfolds in two timelines, 1998 and 2005. In 1998, the trio’s fiery youth and love for local fights get them into frequent brawls, causing headaches for their families. During a Cochin carnival, Robert gets into a fight with Jaison, who is from his girlfriend Mini’s colony. This brawl leads to an unfortunate fire accident that ends the carnival. Fearing for Robert’s safety, Philip, Dony, and Xavier’s father, sends Robert to Bangalore.

In 2005, during a church festival in Kochi, Dony steps in to protect his father, Philip, from a gang, resulting in a brutal beating. The same gang later invades Philip’s house, injuring Simi, Dony’s wife, and robbing their belongings. Robert, now a bartender, learns of the attack on his family and returns home to join Dony in seeking revenge against the gang. Through a series of events, they discover that the gang is led by Jaison’s brother, Paulson, who seeks revenge for the earlier carnival incident.

As the story unfolds, the trio, along with Philip and Simi, face multiple challenges and confrontations with the gang members. The movie explores themes of friendship, family bonds, and the inevitable consequences of their actions.

RDX Movie Story Kuttymovies

The movie “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” is an action-packed rollercoaster that takes viewers on a journey through the lives of three close friends – Robert, Dony, and Xavier. The story unfolds in two distinct timelines, allowing the audience to witness the evolution of their characters and the challenges they face.

In 1998, the trio’s youthful enthusiasm leads them to engage in frequent street fights. Trained in martial arts by Xavier’s father, Antony Aashaan, their skills in karate, boxing, and nunchucks make them formidable fighters. However, their fights become a source of constant worry for their families. A pivotal moment occurs during the Cochin carnival when Robert clashes with Jaison, a member of his girlfriend Mini’s colony. The brawl escalates, resulting in a fire that ends the carnival. Fearing Jaison and his men’s retaliation, Philip, Dony, and Xavier’s father, decides to send Robert away to Bangalore.

The story then fast-forwards to 2005, where a yearly church festival in Kochi takes center stage. Philip tries to intervene when a gang creates trouble, but he is severely beaten. Dony steps in to protect his father but, in doing so, becomes a target for the same gang. They invade Philip’s house, injuring Simi and robbing their possessions, including their daughter Serah’s necklace. Upon learning of the attack, Robert, who is now working as a bartender, rushes back home to join Dony in seeking revenge against the gang.

Their journey for justice leads them to the discovery that the gang is led by Paulson, Jaison’s vengeful brother, who holds a grudge against Robert for the carnival incident. With the odds stacked against them, Robert, Dony, and Xavier, along with the support of their families, embark on a mission to confront Paulson and his gang. Their determination and martial arts skills are put to the test in a series of intense confrontations.

As the story progresses, the film delves into themes of friendship, family bonds, and the consequences of one’s actions. The characters face dilemmas from their past that they must either confront or ignore, ultimately leading to a climax filled with high-stakes action and emotional resonance.

RDX Movie Review Pagalmovies

“RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” is a cinematic adrenaline rush that delivers a thrilling experience for action movie enthusiasts. Directed by Nahas Hidayath and produced by Sophia Paul, this Malayalam-language film successfully blends dynamic fight sequences, high-stakes stunts, tension-filled moments, nostalgia, and electrifying music to create a memorable action-packed spectacle.

The movie’s central theme revolves around the lives of three friends, Robert, Dony, and Xavier, who share a passion for martial arts and frequently find themselves in street fights. Their characters are portrayed with depth and authenticity, with Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav skillfully embodying their respective roles. Shane Nigam’s portrayal of Robert stands out, showcasing his versatility in handling playful romance, action sequences, and a romantic persona.

The action choreography in “RDX” is exceptional, featuring flying fists, raining kicks, knock-out punches, and roundhouse kicks that leave audiences invigorated. The chemistry between the lead actors enhances the impact of these sequences, making them visually impressive and emotionally engaging.

The supporting cast, including Lal, Mala Parvathy, and the opposing team members, contributes significantly to the movie’s heightened impact. The nostalgic presence of 90’s action star Babu Antony adds a layer of nostalgia for fans of the genre. However, it’s worth noting that Babu Antony’s potential could have been further explored in the film.

Debutant director Nahas Hidayath expertly balances action and family drama, infusing elements of romance, friendship, and family bonds into the narrative. The screenplay by Adharsh Sukumaran and Shabas Rasheed effectively blends these elements, creating a story that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

The music by Sam CS elevates the emotional depth of the film, intensifying its impact. Sam CS seamlessly integrates various combat styles depicted in the movie with the music, resulting in a riveting cinematic experience. Action director Anbu-Arivu deserves commendation for choreographing outstanding fight sequences that add to the film’s overall excitement.

While the movie excels in delivering adrenaline-pumping action, there are some minor areas where it falls short. The cinematography by Alex J Pullikal, while commendable, occasionally misses the mark in capturing the full intensity of action sequences. Additionally, editor Chamman Chacko, while adept at blending visuals, occasionally struggles to maintain a clear timeline, causing confusion about the duration of certain events.

The central theme of “Rage” plays a significant role in the movie, as it revolves around the lives of characters driven by anger. This juxtaposition of glorifying anger in an era marked by heightened youth crime due to post-COVID psycho-social impacts raises intriguing questions. From a creative standpoint, infusing rage becomes crucial for the film’s widespread appeal in the action genre. However, in a family-centric narrative predominantly featuring masculine figures expressing anger, certain instances seem incongruous in the context of evolving gender sensitivities.

In conclusion, “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” offers an adrenaline-fueled ride for fans of action cinema. With its dynamic action sequences, engaging story, and well-executed character portrayals, the film delivers on its promise of entertainment. While there are minor flaws in cinematography and editing, they don’t detract significantly from the overall viewing experience. If you’re looking for a high-octane action movie filled with emotion and excitement, “RDX” is a must-watch, especially during the festive season. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of action films and the power of friendship and family bonds in the face of adversity.

RDX Movie Cast MP4moviez

Antony VargheseDony
Shane NigamRobert
Neeraj MadhavXavier
Babu AntonyAntony Master
Mahima NambiarMini
Vishnu AgasthyaPaulson
Aima SebastianSimi
BaijuInspector Roy
Nishanth SagarDavis
Maala ParvathiMrs. Philip
Sujith ShankerJimson
RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

RDX Movie Crew Members Isaidub

DirectorNahas Hidayath
ProducerAnjana Abraham

Manuel Cruz Darwin

Nahas Hidayath

Sophia Paul
WriterNahas Hidayath

Shabas Rasheed

Adarsh Sukumaran
Music BySam C.S.
Cinematography byAlex J. Pulickal
Film Editing ByChaman Chakko
Production Design by
Costume Design byDhanya Balakrishnan
RDX Movie Review, Cast, Collection, Release Date

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How many hours is a RDX movie?

“RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long.

Is RDX a family movie?

As for whether “RDX” is a family movie, it’s important to note that the film falls into the action genre, and while it does have elements of family drama and bonds, it also contains intense action sequences and themes of vengeance. Whether it is suitable for family viewing depends on the preferences and age of your family members. It’s advisable to check the film’s content rating and consider whether the action and violence are appropriate for your family’s viewing.

Who is the villain in RDX movie?

In the movie “RDX,” the main villain is Paulson. Paulson is portrayed as the leader of a gang that seeks revenge against the protagonist, Robert, for an incident that occurred during a carnival. He plays a pivotal antagonistic role in the film.

Who is Paulson in RDX?

Paulson in “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier” is the brother of Jaison, who is involved in a confrontation with the protagonist, Robert, during a carnival. Paulson becomes the primary antagonist in the story, leading a gang and seeking revenge against Robert for the events that transpired during the carnival. His character is central to the film’s conflict and action sequences.

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