Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

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Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange – Regina Twigg’s life has been far from easy. While many of us may not have heard her name, her story is one of immense strength, resilience, and unwavering love for her children. Her journey, as showcased in ABC’s ’20/20,’ takes us through unimaginable challenges, heartbreak, and the extraordinary circumstances of a daughter swap. But it’s Regina’s unwavering spirit that truly captivates our hearts.

Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

Who Is Regina Twigg?

Regina Twigg’s life began in a small riverside town in Ohio during the mid-1940s. She grew up with her three siblings in a humble family, but her childhood took a devastating turn when her father, burdened by poverty and struggling with alcoholism, abandoned his responsibilities. He not only abused Regina’s mother but also falsely accused her of being mentally ill. This false accusation led to her mother being taken to a mental institution, leaving Regina and her siblings behind.

Without the care of their loving mother, Regina and her siblings were placed in an orphanage. Unfortunately, the challenges in Regina’s life did not end there. When she was adopted by another family, she was subjected to abuse, compounding her already difficult situation.

Despite these hardships, Regina persevered. She managed to carve out a better life for herself by becoming a school teacher. Her career and family became her focus, as she strived to provide a loving and nurturing environment for her own family. Having experienced abandonment and trust issues firsthand, Regina was determined to ensure her children never felt alone or unsafe.

A Twist of Fate: The Daughter Swap

Regina’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered that her biological daughter, Kim Mays, had been switched at birth with another baby, Arlena Twigg. This revelation came after Arlena’s tragic passing. Regina’s unwavering love for her daughter motivated her to reach out and develop a relationship with Kim.

Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

She went to great lengths to connect with Kim and even attempted to gain custody of her. However, when it became evident that Kim wanted to pursue their relationship on her terms, Regina respected her wishes and stepped back. Although legally “divorced” from Kim, she remained a steadfast presence in her life, ready to provide support whenever needed.

Where Is Regina Twigg Now?

Regina’s love for the daughter she lost in 1988 remains strong, even though she hasn’t spoken to Kim in years. She has found a way to move forward and embrace life. Regina’s message to Kim is one of hope and positivity. She says, “I hope life will be positive for her and good for her. I will always love her.” Despite the pain of their past, Regina believes in the power of moving forward one step at a time.

Regina’s personal life has also seen significant changes. She is now divorced from Ernest Twigg, her former husband, and has remarried. Taking her new husband’s last name, she is known as Regina Ricks. She has embarked on a new career path that aligns with her passion: singing and songwriting. Regina currently resides in Sparta, Tennessee, with her new husband and their new family.

Regina Twigg Obituary, Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Orphange

Though age may be catching up with her, Regina’s enduring positivity and strength continue to shine through everything she does. She is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the boundless love a mother can hold in her heart.


Regina Twigg’s journey is a poignant reminder of the incredible strength that resides within each of us, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Her story is a tribute to the enduring power of love and the ability to persevere through life’s most trying moments. Regina Twigg, now known as Regina Ricks, stands as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that no matter the hardships we face, we can put one foot ahead of the other and carry on, just as she has done throughout her remarkable life.

What happened to Regina Twigg?

Regina Twigg went through significant changes in her life. She is no longer married to Ernest Twigg and has married someone else. She’s now pursuing her passion for music as a singer and songwriter. Regina found it challenging to maintain a relationship with her biological daughter, Kim. She wants Kim to have a positive and good life and emphasizes that she will always love her.

What happened to Regina Twigg’s baby?

Shortly after Arlena Twigg was born in Florida in 1978, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Blood tests later revealed that Arlena was not biologically related to Regina and Ernest Twigg. Arlena continued to battle her illness throughout her life and tragically passed away at the age of nine.

Was the Twigg baby switched at birth?

When Kim Mays was nine years old, another couple who were at the hospital when she was born discovered that Kim was actually their biological daughter. It turned out that on the day of her birth, Ernest and Regina Twigg had taken home a baby named Arlena Twigg, who was not their biological child. This shocking revelation led to a complex and emotional situation for both families.

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