The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

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The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer – “The Forest” is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Jason Zada and written by Ben Ketai, Nick Antosca, and Sarah Cornwell. Starring Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, and Eoin Macken, the movie is set against the eerie backdrop of Aokigahara, a real-life forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan infamous for being a suicide hotspot.

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The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

The story follows Sara Price, played by Natalie Dormer, who embarks on a perilous journey to Japan after receiving news that her troubled twin sister, Jess, has disappeared inside Aokigahara. Despite the ominous reputation of the forest and her fiancé Rob’s concerns, Sara is determined to find Jess. She meets a journalist named Aiden, who offers to accompany her along with a local guide, Michi, into the heart of the forest.

As they delve deeper into the dark woods, Sara’s skepticism clashes with the supernatural forces at play. She encounters a mysterious Japanese girl named Hoshiko, who claims to know Jess but warns Sara not to trust Aiden. As tensions rise and the line between reality and hallucination blurs, Sara must confront her own traumatic past and the malevolent spirits that haunt Aokigahara.

The movie takes viewers on a chilling journey into a forest filled with unsettling secrets, psychological terror, and a desperate quest for survival. Sara’s determination to find her sister leads her into a nightmarish world where reality and illusion become indistinguishable.

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“The Forest” unfolds in the ominous setting of Aokigahara, a forest notorious for attracting those seeking to end their lives. Sara Price, an American woman played by Natalie Dormer, receives a phone call from Japanese authorities informing her that her twin sister, Jess, has gone into the forest and is presumed dead. Sara is determined to unravel the mystery of Jess’s disappearance, despite her fiancé Rob’s concerns.

Upon arriving in Japan, Sara checks into the hotel where Jess was staying and meets a journalist named Aiden, played by Taylor Kinney. As they share drinks, Sara reveals a fabricated story about her parents’ death, concealing the dark truth of her father’s murder-suicide. Aiden suggests they venture into Aokigahara with Michi, a local guide, to search for Jess. Sara’s deep bond with her sister drives her to reject the idea that Jess has taken her own life.

Deep within the forest, they stumble upon a yellow tent that Sara recognizes as Jess’s. Despite Michi’s advice to leave a note and retreat as nightfall approaches, Sara insists on staying. Aiden volunteers to keep her company through the night. As darkness falls, Sara hears mysterious rustling in the underbrush and rushes into the woods, convinced it’s Jess. Instead, she encounters Hoshiko, a Japanese girl who claims to know Jess. Hoshiko warns Sara not to trust Aiden and disappears when he approaches. Sara pursues Hoshiko but falls and becomes disoriented.

The following day, Aiden and Sara find themselves lost in the forest. Sara’s suspicion of Aiden intensifies when she discovers a picture of Jess on his phone, which he denies any involvement with. Sara flees into the forest alone, eventually hearing eerie voices urging her to turn around. As she turns, she encounters a gruesome sight—a hanging body. She flees in terror, falls through a hole into a cave, and loses consciousness.

Sara wakes up in the cave with Hoshiko, who transforms into a menacing figure. Terrified, Sara attempts to escape but is confronted with a disturbing vision of her parents’ murder-suicide. Aiden finds her and helps her out of the cave. However, Sara’s fear and paranoia persist. Rob, her fiancé, arrives in Aokigahara with a search party led by Michi, determined to find Sara.

Aiden leads Sara to an old ranger station he claims to have discovered while searching for her. Inside, Sara hears her sister’s voice coming from a locked basement and finds a note hinting that Aiden is holding Jess captive. Convinced Aiden poses a threat, Sara attacks and kills him with a small kitchen knife. As Aiden dies, Sara realizes that the picture of Jess, the voice at the basement door, and the note were all hallucinations.

In the basement, Sara experiences a haunting vision of the night her parents died. Her father’s ghost appears and reaches for her, causing Sara to cut his fingers away from her wrist. She escapes the station and runs into the forest, where she believes she sees Jess approaching a search party’s lights. Sara tries to call out to her sister but realizes her escape from the station was another hallucination. In reality, she cut her own wrists deeply, and she succumbs to her wounds in the basement. The hands of yūrei, malevolent spirits, drag Sara beneath the forest floor. Jess, still alive, is rescued by the search party. The film ends with Michi spotting a transformed Sara, now a yūrei, at the edge of the forest.

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“The Forest” is a 2016 supernatural horror film that takes viewers on a journey into the heart of darkness, both psychological and supernatural. Directed by Jason Zada, the movie initially defies some horror conventions by avoiding the typical jump-scare tactics and instead focusing on building tension through editing rhythms and ambient noise. This minimalist approach is refreshing and effective in creating an eerie atmosphere.

Natalie Dormer delivers a solid performance in her dual role as Sara and Jess Price, two identical twins whose bond is central to the story. Dormer’s portrayal captures the emotional turmoil and determination of Sara as she searches for her sister against all odds.

The film’s premise is intriguing, set in the real-life Aokigahara forest, known for its grim reputation as a suicide hotspot. This backdrop adds a layer of authenticity and dread to the story. The forest itself is depicted as a character, with its menacing fog, labyrinthine pathways, and eerie landscapes contributing to the movie’s overall atmosphere.

One notable aspect of “The Forest” is its initial departure from the typical horror formula, particularly in its avoidance of the traditional jump-scare accompanied by loud music. Instead, director Jason Zada relies on psychological tension and unsettling ambiance to create fear. While this approach is commendable, it doesn’t sustain throughout the entire film.

As the story progresses, the movie falls into some predictable patterns, including frequent instances of Sara wandering through dark spaces and experiencing recurring nightmares. The reliance on the “It was only a dream” trope becomes tiresome and diminishes the tension built earlier in the film.

While “The Forest” attempts to blur the lines between reality and hallucination, this aspect of the story lacks coherence and often feels like a matter of convenience to lead the plot toward its underwhelming twist. The film’s third act raises questions about what is real and what is imagined but fails to provide satisfying answers, leaving viewers with a sense of confusion rather than intrigue.

Despite its initial promise, “The Forest” ultimately succumbs to some of the horror genre’s clichés, including the obligatory ending featuring a frightening entity rapidly approaching the camera. This reliance on familiar tropes and the film’s eventual return to conventional horror tactics undermine its potential for innovation.

The Forest Movie Cast Filmyzilla

Natalie DormerSara / Jess Price
Eoin MackenRob
Stephanie VogtValerie
Osamu TanpopoHomeless Man (as Tanpopo Osamu)
Yasuo TobishimaSushi Chef
Ibuki KanedaMei (Schoolgirl)
Akiko IwaseHead Teacher
Kikuo IchikawaBusinessman
Noriko SakuraMayumi
Jozef AokiVisitor Center Morgue Man
Yûho YamashitaSakura (as Yuho Yamashita)
Taylor KinneyAiden
Gen SetoNarusawa Bartender
Terry DiabGrandma
Nadja MazalicaSara / Jess (Age 6)
The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

The Forest Movie Crew Members Mp4moviez

DirectorJason Zada
ProducerLawrence Bender

Len Blavatnik

James Ward Byrkit

Aviv Giladi

David S. Goyer

David Linde

Tory Metzger

Andrew Pfeffer

Georgina Pope

Jennifer Semler

Andjelija Vlaisavljevic
WriterBen Ketai

Sarah Cornwell

Nick Antosca
Music ByBear McCreary
Cinematography byMattias Troelstrup
Film Editing ByJim Flynn
Production Design byKevin Phipps
Costume Design byBojana Nikitovic
The Forest Movie Review, Cast, Streaming, Trailer

The Forest Movie Trailer Filmywap

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How scary is the movie The Forest?

“The Forest” delivers a moderate level of scares and tension. While it does have some genuinely eerie moments, it relies less on typical jump scares with loud music and more on psychological horror and unsettling atmosphere. The forest setting and the concept of malevolent spirits add to the overall sense of dread. It’s not the most terrifying horror film, but it can still provide a decent amount of chills.

Is The Forest a good movie?

Opinions on “The Forest” are mixed. Some viewers appreciate its initial departure from typical horror tropes and its atmospheric approach to building tension. Natalie Dormer’s performance is often praised, as she portrays the twin sisters effectively. However, the film does have its flaws, including a somewhat convoluted plot in the latter half and a reliance on certain horror clichés. Whether you’ll find it to be a good movie largely depends on your personal preferences for horror and storytelling.

Is the movie The Forest based on a true story?

Yes, “The Forest” is loosely inspired by the real-life Aokigahara Forest in Japan, known as the “Suicide Forest” due to its tragic reputation as a place where people go to end their lives. While the film incorporates elements of this grim reality, it takes significant creative liberties and weaves a fictional supernatural storyline around it. The movie uses the forest’s eerie reputation as a backdrop for its horror narrative.

What happens in the movie The Forest?

“The Forest” revolves around Sara Price, played by Natalie Dormer, who receives a call informing her that her twin sister Jess has disappeared in the Aokigahara Forest, a notorious suicide hotspot in Japan. Sara travels to Japan to search for Jess, accompanied by a journalist named Aiden and a local guide, Michi. As they venture deeper into the forest, Sara’s determination to find her sister clashes with the supernatural forces at play. She encounters mysterious figures, experiences hallucinations, and confronts her traumatic past. The story unfolds as a psychological and supernatural thriller, with a twist in the latter part of the film that challenges Sara’s perceptions of reality.

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