Armaan malik religion biography, YouTuber, Age, real name, wife, brother, caste, family, wikipedia, vlogger, income

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armaan malik youtuber biography

Armaan malik religion biography, YouTuber, Age, real name, wife, brother, caste, family, wikipedia, vlogger, income

In this article, we cover Armaan Malik YouTuber biography. we provide you with all details of YouTuber Armaan Malik, his two Wifes story & family details.

armaan malik youtuber biography
Armaan Malik With His wife Payal Malik

who is armaan Malik youtuber?

Armaan Malik is a famous young Indian YouTuber, social media Star, social media influencer, artist, & fitness model also a TikTok star. who make videos on youtube Also make short videos on Instagram and Tiktok.

Armaan Malik Youtuber earns money from the sponsorship of brands on this social media platform.   He makes daily vlogs on youtube. His daily fitness and life-related blogs on YouTube become very viral & trending.

armaan Malik youtuber wikipedia

Armaan Malik youtuber real name is Sandeep. But his fans think that his real name is Armaan Malik. and think he is a Muslim. He is a Hindu and belongs to a Hindu family.

Armaan Malik Youtuber was born on 15 December 1990 in New Delhi India. but nowadays he lives in Hyderabad. he is Armaan Malik Youtuber star age is 32 years old. He is a social media influencer and fitness model.

He has two married and lives happily with both his wifes. They also have a son named Chaitanya. This was the Armaan Malik Youtuber biography. Read ahead for more information, and if you like it, please share it too.

Armaan Malik youtuber age | armaan malik date of birth

Armaan Malik youtuber BOB is 15 December 1990. according to his DOB, he is 32 years old. Looking at his personality, we can’t figure out his age. Although it has been two centuries, it is still very happy. He has maintained his personality. God makes their age more.

armaan Malik youtuber caste | Armaan Malik Youtuber religion

Armaan Malik YouTuber from a Hindu family.his caste is Hindu. Initially, he became famous on TikTok & social media by the name of Armaan Malik, so people know him by the name of Armaan Malik and think that he is a Muslim. but his real name is Sandeep he is from the Hindu religion.

Armaan Malik youtuber family

Armaan Malik’s family has total 4 members.

  1. youtuber alman malik
  2. Payal Malik
  3. kritika malik
  4. chirayu Malik
Armaan malik religion biography, YouTuber,  Age, real name, wife, brother, caste, family, wikipedia, vlogger, income
armaan malik youtuber Family

The name and other details of Armaan Malik’s parents were not disclosed to us in any other interview. But Armaan Malik Youtuber told in an interview that his mother has died of cancer.

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Payal Malik biography | Who is Payal Malik?

Payal Malik, Armaan Malik YouTuber’s first wife Whose real name is Payal Sharma, With whom she got married in 2011. Payal Malik profession is Account and Youtuber. Both Armaan Malik and Payal used to work in the bank.

Both of them started talking to each other. This is how their love story started and both of them got married in court.

Kritika malik biography | who is Kritika Malik?

kritika malik Armaan Malik youtuber’s second wife. whose real name is Kritika Basra. She is a make-up artist and YouTuber by Profession. Kritika Malik‘s marriage happened with YouTuber Armaan Malik on 13 October 2018.

Kritika Malik and Payal Malik were friends. After Armaan’s first marriage, his affair started with Kritika Basra(Kritika Malik). And their affair turned into serious love. and thus they also got married.

Armaan malik religion biography, YouTuber,  Age, real name, wife, brother, caste, family, wikipedia, vlogger, income
Kritika Malik Instagram photo

who is Chirayu Malik?

Chirayu Malik is a son of armaan malik youtuber.Chirayu has 2 mummies He is very happy. Both mothers take great care of him. but his real mother is Payal Malik. because Chirayu has taken birth from the uncle of Payal Malik.

Armaan Malik youtuber brother

Armaan Malik Youtuber has an elder brother name Kuldeep. And he has a younger sister. Her name was not disclosed in any social media platform & interview.

Armaan malik youtuber net worth | armaan malik youtuber income

Armaan Malik Youtuber’s monthly income is approx 1-3 lakh per month. They have many sources of income He earns money through his videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. He earns a lot of money by promoting brands on social media.

Armaan Malik also has a YouTube channel with both of his wives, which is a source of income for them. nowadays Armaan Malik’s songs have also been released, which means he is also earning money as a model By the way Armaan Malik Youtuber fitness model too.

If we calculated Armaan Malik’s net worth approx 10 crores.

Armaan malik 2 wife story

Armaan malik Youtuber Biography As for marriage, he is very lucky in this matter. Because he has two Wifes. who live in the same house with both his wife Kritika Malik Youtuber & Payal Malik Youtuber.

Armaan Malik Youtuber biography is the most interesting point. Come let’s know the stories of their two marriages, how they got two marriages. according to Armaan Malik interview, Armaan malik Youtuber, and Payal Malik Youtuber both work in a bank together.

After working together for a few days, both came close to each other. Now they started dating each other In this way both of them got married after some time in court.

Payal introduced Armaan to her friend Kritika after some time. They both slowly started talking to each other silently. And then Armaan Malik and Kritika Basera started dating after some time both of them also got married.

When both of them went home after marriage, Payal got very angry. Thus Armaan and Payal’s relationship turned sour. they were about to get divorced. Payal’s family also did not support this relationship.

Armaan tells that there was so much tension in the relationship that the thought of suicide. During this, Payal and Armaan lived separately. But Payal tells that at that time she talks to Armaan secretly from the family.

But after some time everything went right. Payal, Kritika, and Armaan started living together. Payal Malik tells in the interview that at that time her family members provoked her a lot. Now she doesn’t even talk to her family.

Kritika Malik Family reaction on ger marriege

Kritika Malik tells in the interview that she will come to know about the marriage in her house after 4 months.  His family members felt very bad after hearing this. But later seeing everyone happy together everyone is happy today.

Today Payal Malik and Armaan have a son. whose name is Chirayu Malik, And the matter of happiness is that today both the Wifes of Armaan Malik Youtuber are pregnant together. and everyone is enjoying it.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Car collection

Armaan Malik’s FIRST Car Is Mahindra XUV 500. which cost approx Rs 15 lakh in India. He also uploaded the photo on his social media. But now they have so many luxury cars like BMW X5.

which cost approx 80 lakhs in India. and the second car is Mahindra Thar. which cost approx Rs 20 lakh. He also has a bullet bike, which costs up to 3-5 lakhs.

This was Armaan Malik Biography Car and Bike Collection.

Armaan Malik youtuber Social media Handle

  • In Armaan Malik YouTube biography, social media is very very important. because it’s the star of social media.
  • Armaan Malik started his first YouTube channel in the year 2017 under the name of Fitness Family, today it has 10.7 million subscribers.
  • He again started a YouTube channel in 2020 by the name of Armaan Malik which has more than 2.46 million subscribers today.
  • When TikTok was not banned in India, he had more than 10 million followers on Tik Tok.

Similarly, he has many YouTube channels whose names are as follows.

  • Chirayu Payal Malik 2.27 million Subscribers.
  • Family Fitness Short 1.28 Million Subscribers.
  • Number one Record 1.04 Million Subscribers.
  • Talk with Kritika and Payal 228k subscribers.
  • Chirayu Payal Malik 2.27 million Subscribers.
  • Chirayu Payal Malik shorts 1.52 million Subscribers.

He has an account named Armaan Malik on Instagram which has 1.6 million followers and more than 500 videos.

Payal Malik has an Instagram account that has around 3.5 million followers and over 4700 videos.

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Ques1. Armaan malik youtuber real name?

armaan malik youtuber real name is sandeep. so many people think about him, he is a Muslim. But armaan belong from a hindi religen.When he started making videos on social media he got famous by the name Arman Malik. his fans know him as arman malik.

Ques2. Armaan malik youtuber first wife?

Armaan malik youtuber first wife name is Payal Malik. her Real name is Payal Sharma. he is also a Hindu. she got malik’s surname after Armaan malik was famous on social media.

Ques3. Armaan malik youtuber wifes?

Armaan malik youtuber has two wifes.he lives together with his two wifes payal mailk or kritika sharma.

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