premanand ji maharaj ashram address, age, death, Wikipedia, Vrindavan, death, health update, kidney, contact number, net worth

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Premanand ji maharaj

premanand ji maharaj ashram address, age, death, Wikipedia, Vrindavan, death, health update, kidney, contact number, net worth

premanand ji maharaj photo
premanand ji maharaj photo

if you know who is Premanand ji Maharaj, then you are on the right article.
Here we cover Premanand ji Maharaj biography in English. So let’s start to know about Premanand Swami ji Maharaj.

who is premanand ji maharaj?

Premanand ji Maharaj full name is Aniruddh Kumar Panday. He was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1930. he belongs to a Bhraman family. Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj father’s name is Shri Sambhu Pandey & mother’s name is Mrs. Rama Devi Pandey.

Premanand swami guru name Shri Hit Govind Saran maharaj ji. his family background is very poor & devotional family. Premanand Swami ji is still alive and not married yet. he is the devotee of lord Krishna Maharaj at Shri Kalikunj Ashram Mathura Uttar Pradesh.

premanand ji maharaj Wikipedia in hindi

Shri hit Premanand ji maharaj is very famous for Devotee of Lord Krishna. Their behavior is so simple, easy, and sweet that if you listen to their words, you too will become their devotee.

Premanand Swami ji Maharaj is from such a family, where his grandfather and father were also Brahmins and they too were immersed in devotion. His entire family has been simple.

His father took retirement after some time of devotion and became a monk. His brothers also used to recite Shri Bhagwat Gita and brought glory to the family. His family used to run only through the work of worship.

These are some details of Premanand ji Maharaj biography. For more information, keep reading, we assure you that all the information about Premanand Swami ji Maharaj will be made available to you. You will not need to read any other article after this.

Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj name

Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj very famous among us. The number of his devotee is increasing day by day. All his devotees come from far and wide to hear him and get his darshan. His devotees call him by different names.

As Premanand Swami ji Maharaj, Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj, Premanand swami, Peele (yellow) baba, Shri hit Premanand Govind Sharan ji Maharaj, Premanand ji Maharaj Vrindavan wale, etc.

Premanand ji Maharaj health | Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj kidney |premanand ji Maharaj death

Premanand Swami Ji is still alive. But we all have heard about his health. we are all surprised when we hear Shri hit Premanand Ji Maharaj kidney is out of order. swami ji both kidneys have damage. Despite this, he lives like a healthy person. Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj is suffering from polycystic kidney disease (ICD).

प्रेमानंद जी महाराज एड्रेस की जानकारी , कैसे दर्शन करे ।

Swami ji Both kidney is not working for 15-20 years approx. polycystic kidney disease (ICD) has a kind of hereditary disease. This disease is a dangerous disease. In this type of disease, small nodules are formed on the top of the kidney.

In this disease, holes are formed in the number of small thousands to lakhs. You get to know about this disease only after the age of 30.

Premanad ji maharaj
hit premanand ji maharaj

Click here for more information on this type of disease.

Premanand Swami Premanand Swami ji says that there is a rash on the hands and feet due to this polycystic kidney disease (ICD). Despite this, Swami Ji always keeps smiling. And don’t tell anyone about the pain of your illness.

Many of his devotees are ready to donate their kidneys to Swami Ji. but he says how can I be happy by giving pain to someone. Our life is good like this. In this way, he remains engaged in worship and Satsang[सत्संग] throughout the day.

 Premanand Swami ji and his devotees believe that they are under the Blessings of lord Shri Krishna Maharaj.

Premanand ji Maharaj ashram

Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj ashram switched in Shri Hit Radha Kalikunj Parikrama Marg, Varaha Ghat, in Infront of bhakti Vedanta, hospice, Radha ashram colony Vrindavan Mathura Uttar Pradesh. And at present Swamiji resides here only.

but before swami ji has resided in many places. As achal bihar colony, vrindawan vihar santh colony, madan ter ki kutiya,ladli Kunj, kali deh or ramad reti etc.

Premanand ji maharaj ashram address | premanand ji maharaj contact number

If you want to meet Premanand Swami ji and listen to his words, then you can go to Vrindavan Mathura. But if you want to contact them, you can do that too.

Premanand ji Maharaj contact number is not available publicly, but Premanand Swami ji Maharaj contact mail id is

if you want to Premanand Swami ji Maharaj contact number click here & fill in some details. and put your query. they will contact you as soon as possible.

premanand ji maharaj contact number
Premanand Ji Maharaj contact number Details

Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj Age

premanand Swami ji born in 1970 at Kanpur uttarpradesh. present time Premanand ji Maharaj age is approx 50 years. But he doesn’t look that old. This is further estimated by them. it is brought to you via the Internet, Premanand ji Maharaj’s age has not been told.

Premanand Ji Maharaj and Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma with his family with a view of Uttarakhand, taking blessings from Premanand Maharaj. Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli visited Uttarakhand to take blessings of Neem Karoli Baba.

Cricket star Kohli took his little angel girl here. When Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma reached Vrindavan Mathura, Swamiji could not recognize these people.  After reaching there, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were introduced by other people present in the ashram.

Then Swamiji got to know him. After that Welcomed with a flower garland and blessed. After this, they enjoyed Swami’s stories. Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma and Kohli’s daughter Vamika were seen listening to the words of Premanand Swami ji.

This video of him listening to the words of Swamiji became very viral in the news and on social media. This video created a buzz all over social media in Virat Kohli News.

Swami Premanand Ji Maharaj Education

Premanand Swami Premanand Swami’s qualification also started with spiritual knowledge. Being from a spiritual family, he used to recite Shree Houmai Chalisa since childhood.

hit premanand ji maharaj

When he was studying in Swami’s class 5, he started taking spiritual knowledge of the book. as well as the Gita and Shree Sukhsagar like this book started reading.

Premanand ji Maharaj Biography Youtube Video

Thus he started living life spiritually and started talking about spiritual things. When this class was on 9th May, So he decided to lead a spiritual life. and enjoy this life.


Who is Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj?

Shri Premanand swami is a  Sanyaasi, whose full name is Shri Anirudh Kumar Pandey. who was born in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. he belongs to a Brahmin family. At the age of 13, he decided to lead the life of a monk. Most of his life is spent on the path of a spiritual seeker on the banks of the river Ganga.

What is the caste of Premanand Ji Maharaj?

Shri hit Premanand Ji belongs to a BRAHMIN family.his sirname is PANDEY. According to Shri hit Premanand ji Maharaj’s biography, he is a Hindu pandit.

When was Shri Hit Premanand Ji Maharaj born?

Maharaj ji was born in Akhri Village, Sarsol Block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

What is the date of birth of Premananda?

In all the interviews of Maharaj and social media, his actual date of birth is not disclosed by Maharaj. In google and social media have published his fake date of birth.

What is the Premanand ji Maharaj ashram contact number?

the Premanand ji Maharaj ashram contact number is 098371 43883 and g mail id is

How did Premanand Ji Maharaj live without a kidney?

Swami ji Both kidney is not working for 15-20 years approx. polycystic kidney disease (ICD) has a kind of hereditary disease. But Devotees says, he was blessed by lord Shri Krishna. that’s why is living without a kidney but he is troubled by constant pain. but after all this, he was always smiling.

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