Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

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Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating – “Blood And Chocolate” is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language romantic psychological thriller film directed by Vasanthabalan. This gripping tale revolves around the life of Thirumeni, a man grappling with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a haunting past. As he becomes entangled in a complex web of love, deception, and betrayal, the film explores themes of mental health, forgiveness, and the dark side of human nature. With standout performances from Arjun Das and Dushara Vijayan, supported by a haunting musical score by G. V. Prakash Kumar, “Blood And Chocolate” takes audiences on a suspenseful and emotionally charged journey.

Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Movierulz
Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

Blood And Chocolate Movie Story Moviezwap

The movie begins with a tense scene where Thirumeni, portrayed by Arjun Das, enters a house, wielding an axe and searching for someone named Subbu.

The narrative then shifts to a year earlier when Thirumeni worked as a food delivery boy at Meal Monkey and shared a room with his friend Pothi and roommate Bhaskar. His life takes a dark turn when he hallucinates killing a customer who argued with him over change. It’s revealed that Thirumeni suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and these hallucinations are a manifestation of his mental health struggles.

After seeking treatment from a psychiatrist, Thirumeni is released from the hospital. He confesses to his roommates that he often fantasizes about killing them, heightening their fear and anxiety. Meanwhile, his Meal Monkey account is suspended due to poor ratings.

Thirumeni’s life takes a peculiar twist when he begins delivering food to a mysterious girl who never shows her face. Determined to see her, he cleverly packages her meals to ensure she’ll open the gate. Eventually, she does, and Thirumeni discovers her true identity as Subbu, played by Dushara Vijayan. Their connection deepens, and they become lovers.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Subbu’s cruel employer, Mangayarkarasi, begins mistreating her. Thirumeni witnesses this abuse, and his anger grows. When Subbu pleads for his forgiveness, he confesses to wanting to kill Mangayarkarasi. One fateful night, they rush Mangayarkarasi to the hospital, but she passes away. In a desperate attempt to cover the expenses, they use her debit card without her knowledge.

Trouble escalates when Pothi has an accident, and Thirumeni needs the debit card to pay for his medical bills. Subbu refuses to hand it over, causing a rift between them. Thirumeni is forced to find alternative means to cover the costs.

Desperate for money, they attempt to borrow from friends and acquaintances, but no one comes to their aid. Subbu reaches out to Aji, but he ignores her calls. In a clever ruse, Thirumeni arranges for a mimicry artist to impersonate Mangayarkarasi and speak to her daughter, Anitha. This plan backfires when Aji and Anitha, along with their families, arrive at Mangayarkarasi’s house to see her. They discover her lifeless body and accuse Thirumeni and Subbu of foul play.

Subbu and Thirumeni are arrested and subjected to police interrogation. The situation worsens when Subbu, manipulated by the inspector, begins to believe that Thirumeni may have killed Mangayarkarasi. She confronts him, and Thirumeni is subjected to brutal police torture.

As the investigation unfolds, the police discover a significant clue: a letter left by Mangayarkarasi, explaining that she took her own life due to her children’s neglect. Subbu and Thirumeni are eventually released from custody.

Subbu attempts to reconcile with Thirumeni, but he walks away. She is offered a chance to go to America with Aji and Anitha in exchange for signing a property deed. Subbu declines, not wanting to leave behind her past and the man she loves. Thirumeni, on the other hand, loses everything and becomes homeless.

The story takes an unexpected turn as Bhaskar, Thirumeni’s roommate, meets a gruesome end when he is killed by Thirumeni. Thirumeni then embarks on a violent rampage, targeting those responsible for his suffering. He murders the owner of Meal Monkey and confronts Aji, Anitha, and their uncle. In a climactic and brutal showdown, he takes their lives with an axe.

Finally, Thirumeni encounters Subbu, who pleads for her own death, believing she is the cause of his descent into violence. Thirumeni, however, chooses forgiveness and love over revenge. He kisses Subbu’s hands, expressing his affection for her, and declares that those who seek forgiveness should be granted it. In a poignant hallucination, he sees his father, symbolizing redemption and purity.

Blood And Chocolate Movie Review Tamilrockers

“Blood And Chocolate” is a thought-provoking and gripping film that delves deep into the psyche of its characters. Directed by Vasanthabalan, the movie offers a unique blend of romance, psychological thriller, and social commentary.

Arjun Das delivers a standout performance as Thirumeni, portraying the character’s struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder and his descent into darkness with great depth and authenticity. Dushara Vijayan, as Subbu, complements Das with her compelling portrayal of a young woman entangled in a complex web of love and deceit.

The film’s exploration of mental health issues, particularly OCD, adds a layer of depth to the story. It sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals dealing with such conditions and the impact on their lives and relationships.

The narrative is skillfully crafted, with suspense and tension building steadily throughout the film. The plot twists keep the audience engaged, and the climax delivers a shocking and satisfying resolution.

G. V. Prakash Kumar’s haunting musical score enhances the overall atmosphere of the film, adding to the sense of unease and suspense. The cinematography by A. M. Edwin Sakay and editing by Ravikumar M contribute to the film’s visual appeal.

“Blood And Chocolate” also serves as a commentary on forgiveness and the consequences of neglecting one’s loved ones. Thirumeni’s journey from a troubled soul seeking revenge to a symbol of forgiveness and purity is a powerful theme that resonates with the audience.

While the film is undeniably intense and thought-provoking, it may not be suitable for all viewers due to its graphic and violent scenes. However, for those who appreciate a complex and emotionally charged narrative, “Blood And Chocolate” delivers a compelling cinematic experience.

In conclusion, “Blood And Chocolate” is a must-watch for its engaging storyline, exceptional performances, and exploration of profound themes. Vasanthabalan’s direction, coupled with Arjun Das and Dushara Vijayan’s stellar acting, makes this Tamil thriller a standout addition to the genre.

Blood And Chocolate Movie Cast Filmymeet

Suresh Chakravarthi
Arjun Chidambaram
Arjun Das
Shanta Dhananjayan
Arvind Kathare
Jsk Satish Kumar
Bava Lakshmanan
Aranthangi Nisha
Sha Ra
Abdul Rahman
Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

Blood And Chocolate Movie Crew Members Filmyzilla

ProducerMurugan Gnanavel

M Krishna Kumar

Varadharajan Manickam

J. Prabaahar

Nagaraaj Rakkeppen

S. Shankar

WriterS.K. Jeeva

Music ByG.V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography byA.M. Edwin Sakay
Film Editing ByRavikumar M
Production Design by
Costume Design by
Blood And Chocolate Telugu Movie Review, Ott, Cast, Release Date, IMDB Rating

Blood And Chocolate Movie Trailer Movierulz

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The movie “Blood and Chocolate” is a Tamil-language romantic psychological thriller directed by Vasanthabalan. It follows the story of Thirumeni, a man struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder, who becomes entangled in a complex web of love, deception, and betrayal. The film explores themes of mental health, forgiveness, and the dark side of human nature.

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