Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

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Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online – In 2021, the Tamil film industry witnessed a shift in the horror genre with the release of “Lift,” a spine-tingling thriller that broke away from the usual horror comedy formula. Directed by Vineeth Varaprasad in his debut, the movie stars Kavin, Amritha Aiyer, and Gayathri Reddy. “Lift” took a daring approach to the horror genre, offering a fresh and genuinely terrifying experience for audiences. This article will delve into the intricate details of the movie’s plot, characters, and its impact on the audience, while also providing a comprehensive review of this game-changing Tamil horror flick.

Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online
Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

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Plot: The story of “Lift” unfolds in the bustling city of Chennai, where Guru Prasad, portrayed by Kavin, joins Amrak, an IT company, as a team leader. Guru is somewhat aloof, but his presence intrigues Harini, the HR manager, played by Amritha Aiyer, who is also new to the company. As the workday comes to an end, everyone leaves the office, leaving Guru with a crucial task assigned by the VP and several security guards.

However, when Guru attempts to use the lift to exit the building, things take a terrifying turn. The elevator malfunctions, leaving him stranded on a random floor. Soon, he encounters a series of paranormal events, including witnessing a security guard taking his own life by slitting his throat.

Haunted by these horrors, Guru desperately tries to escape, but his attempts are repeatedly thwarted. It’s during these eerie moments that he encounters Harini again, who has been trapped in the records room. Initially, Harini suspects Guru of locking her in, but as they experience the abnormal events together, she changes her mind. Realizing that they are not alone in their ordeal, Harini and Guru team up to find a way out, but their efforts are met with continuous failure.

They encounter another security guard who, tragically, meets a similar fate by hanging himself while attempting to confirm their identities. The duo then stumbles upon a news report, dated for the following day, declaring that both of them have died in a fire within the office building. Harini reveals that she was locked in the records room after being ordered by the VP to destroy old files. After enduring a series of paranormal encounters, they come to a chilling conclusion—there are not one, but two ghosts haunting the building.

With their lives at stake, Guru formulates a plan to survive, but Harini becomes possessed by one of the malevolent spirits. The ghost taunts Guru, predicting that both of them will perish in a fire that very night. Guru realizes that the ghosts can only possess them while they are of sound mind. To counter this, he uses a drug-laced cigarette, ensuring that Harini inhales the smoke. This action prevents the ghost from taking control of her. In the process, Guru inadvertently sets fire to the records room.

In a daring escape attempt, Guru and Harini return to the malfunctioning lift. Earlier, Guru had partially cut the lift’s cables, and now, they jump up and down in the elevator, causing it to plummet. Harini survives the fall, but Guru is severely injured and nearly loses his life. Fortunately, emergency responders come to their rescue.

During Guru’s unconscious state, he experiences hallucinations revealing the tragic backstory of the two ghosts—Sundar and Tara. Both worked in the same company as Guru and Harini, holding positions identical to theirs. However, when the greedy VP unjustly fires Sundar to steal credit for his work, Sundar takes his own life in the elevator. Tara, in a bid to ensure the VP never discovers Sundar’s file, hides it in the records room and ends her life by hanging herself. The two security guards, manipulated by the malevolent spirits, were complicit in covering up these deaths.

As Guru awakens, he is confronted by the new VP of the company, who attempts to intimidate him and Harini into silence. Unyielding, Guru provides the hidden file to the police officer in charge of the investigation. The officer reveals that three bodies were found in the burnt-out office building—the two security guards and the VP, who indirectly drove Sundar and Tara to their deaths.

The movie concludes with news articles exposing the exploitation of IT industry employees, shedding light on the tragedy of employees driven to suicide due to the ruthless treatment by their employers.

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The horror genre in Tamil cinema had reached a point of saturation, often diluted by an abundance of horror comedies. However, “Lift” arrived in 2021 as a pure horror film that had the potential to revolutionize the genre for both the film industry and viewers alike.

The simplicity of “Lift’s” storyline is one of its strengths. It revolves around Guru (Kavin), an IT professional who moves from Bengaluru to Chennai to assume the role of a team leader in a new company. Harini (Amritha Aiyer), the company’s HR manager, is an unexpected presence in his life, as they share a past encounter in Mumbai. The narrative takes a spine-tingling turn when Guru, working late into the night on the ninth floor, experiences paranormal activities, particularly within the malfunctioning elevator. Harini becomes entangled in this terrifying web of events, and together, they face a series of bone-chilling moments that culminate in a hair-raising climax.

Kavin delivers a riveting performance as Guru, the relatable protagonist caught in a nightmarish situation. The success of the film hinges on the audience’s investment in his character, and Kavin accomplishes this brilliantly. From his charming introduction to his vulnerability when faced with terror and ultimately his triumph over the malevolent entity, Kavin’s portrayal is commendable. Amritha Aiyer also shines, with a substantial role that she fully embraces. Her transformation into a haunting figure in certain scenes adds to the movie’s eerie atmosphere. Additionally, Kathir, a lesser-known actor who appears in a pivotal role toward the end, deserves recognition for his authentic portrayal of a victim of corporate exploitation. Balaji Venugopal’s ruthless character and Temple Monkeys’ Abdul as the senior IT employee also leave a lasting impact.

“Lift” excels in its writing, from character development to plot setup, meticulous attention to detail, a convincing backstory, and a satisfying conclusion. The first half of the film effectively revolves around a single character, yet manages to engage the audience fully. The second half unfolds as a roller coaster of horror situations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Remarkably, the film achieves its terrifying effect by showing only a fraction of the ghostly presence. Beyond the scares, the film’s core theme tackles the turbulent and uncertain lives led by IT professionals due to corporate exploitation. This theme is portrayed with honesty and authenticity throughout the screenplay.

However, “Lift” is not without its drawbacks. The backstory of the lead pair’s past relationship feels somewhat convenient, and their current dynamics could be clearer. The introduction of a drug-related subplot diverts the screenplay in an unexpected direction, leaving viewers to question its impact on the emotional resonance of the climax.

From a technical standpoint, “Lift” stands as one of the finest films in recent memory, with several key contributors excelling in their roles. S. Yuva’s camera work, featuring eerie angles and ever-changing lighting, presents a visual challenge that ultimately rewards viewers with tense and breathtaking frames throughout. Tapas Nayak’s spine-chilling sound design and Michael Britto’s background score amplify the sense of dread, while Madan Ganesh skillfully alternates between slow and fast cuts to maintain tension. Ekaa Entertainment, the film’s production company, ensured that no compromises were made in creating the required atmosphere. It is unfortunate that “Lift,” a film that would have greatly appealed to theater audiences and thrived on the big screen, had to make its debut on an OTT platform (Disney Plus Hotstar).

Debutante director Vineeth Varaprasad deserves praise for his mastery of writing and execution in this well-crafted horror film. His work not only entertains but also serves as a wake-up call, shedding light on the plight of corporate greed victims and sending shivers down the spines of their exploiters. “Lift” emerges as a game-changer in the Tamil horror genre, a film that successfully rekindles the true essence of horror cinema. With its compelling characters, skillful storytelling, and relentless suspense, “Lift” is a must-watch for those seeking a genuinely terrifying cinematic experience.

Conclusion: In the world of Tamil cinema, “Lift” stands as a testament to the potential for innovation within the horror genre. By daring to break away from the conventions of horror comedy and offering a spine-tingling, thought-provoking experience, this film has left a lasting impact on viewers. With its well-crafted plot, engaging characters, and technical excellence, “Lift” is a game-changing addition to the genre. It serves as both a thrilling horror story and a commentary on the dark side of corporate exploitation. As audiences continue to seek fresh and captivating storytelling, “Lift” emerges as a beacon of hope for the future of Tamil cinema’s horror offerings.

Lift Movie Cast Vegamovies

Amritha AiyerHarini
Kiran KondaSundar
Gayathri ReddyTara
Balaji VenugopalBalaji
Abdool LeeParthasarathy
Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

Lift Movie Crew Members HDHUB4U

Music ByBritto Michael
Cinematography byYuva
Film Editing ByG. Madan
Production Design by
Costume Design by
Lift Movie Cast, Trailer, Review, Streaming, Watch Online

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Is the movie “Lift” available on Hotstar?

Yes, “Lift” is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is “Lift” a scary movie?

Yes, “Lift” is a scary movie. It’s a Tamil horror thriller that offers a genuinely terrifying and suspenseful experience for viewers.

What is the story of the film “Lift”?

The story of “Lift” revolves around Guru Prasad, an IT worker who joins a new company in Chennai. After a series of paranormal events in an office building’s malfunctioning lift, Guru and a colleague, Harini, find themselves trapped and facing terrifying encounters. As they try to escape, they uncover a dark history involving two ghosts and corporate greed. The movie explores their struggle for survival and the unsettling truths they uncover.

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